Jesus takes me to a very rocky shoreline. The boulders are dark in color with very little sand showing between all the rocks and boulders. There is a massive cliff behind us and apparently the ocean before us. This is a new place for me. I look up at Jesus with curiosity. He just smiles.

He says, “You have been in a deep study in the Book of Revelation for several months now. You have asked Me about the sea and the earth, why they are separated and yet in Daniel 7 I interpret the sea as the earth.” I nod as I remember the references.

He continues, “Remember the sea often represents chaos at the time these prophecies were written. Now put the rising of the beasts from the chaos of the human social, political, economical and religious ideologies and you will understand clearly not only how the kingdoms rise but also how people follow and worship the beasts. The beasts themselves are kingdoms, not necessarily as people would define them, but as I have defined My Kingdom. The intersection of spiritual realms and the worldly realm. Remember, you do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities of the air.”

The waves continue crashing against the rocks before us in their rhythmic song. I look out across the ocean. The dark surf looks extremely violent as the waves seem to move in different directions, not in uniformity as I have seen. Through the darkness it looks like the turbulent surface of the ocean has become hundreds of thousands of people all reaching up at a single entity. They are acting as if they are at a concert shouting and waving at a band. As the entity that is not human rises up from among them I take in a deep breath. I gasp at the hideousness of the creature. The creature has massive juts of scales coming out of its body, massive large feet with claws to rip apart anything in its way. Its mouth is filled with layers of teeth of different sizes all sharp and lined up perfectly to rip easily its prey.

Its head is massive with many horns of different sizes. The horns are of diverse shades of brown, some looking stained with blood, others look worn and damaged. Suddenly the one head transforms into seven uniquely grotesque heads. Each head is looking in a different direction calling out to the people. The different heads tore apart and ate the people nearest to it. The seven become one head again. I suddenly understand what Jesus is showing me. I look up at Jesus, “Lord, is it like when we talk about what mask we are wearing with others or which hat we have on at the moment to do a job? A metaphor to help us understand the true nature of the beast?”

“Yes, child. The beast has many forms, many lies, whatever will lure away a person from Me. It does not care what a person chooses, as long as it is not My Truth. Watch.” Jesus nods back to the beast.

I notice the creature has many eyes to see all around it. Nothing escapes its attention. I am amazed at the size and power of the creature as it tramples down and even eats several of the people who are worshiping it. It is taking great pleasure in destroying whoever it decides to take. Why are the others not seeing what it is doing? They don’t even notice the ones closest to them being devoured or torn apart by the massive feet. As the creature destroys people, more are being added by the waves of chaos around the masses. Each person is fighting to get closer to the creature. Most do not even care what they are doing to those around them.

I look to Jesus. I stand up in earnestness and ask Him, “Why can’t they see what that creature is doing? Why are they fighting so hard to get to it? Don’t they see the destruction in front and around them?”

“My child,” He answered gently as He put His hand on my shoulder. I feel His power and love mingled with a grief that almost collapses me to the hard boulder beneath us. “I do not desire for them to go to their destruction. I have not only given them the Words and Truth of My Father, but also presented Myself to them to prove Our love for each one.” Jesus kneels before me as an adult does to explain something important to a little child. “What else can I do? I have proclaimed My truth within every discipline of man, I have entered history Myself and taught, I have sacrificed My own life for them, I have spoken through prophets, I have entered into their dreams and visions, I have written My existence upon each heart, every aspect of nature points to Me as the Creator, I have given My truth through teachers, scholars, leaders, family members, even from the mouths of little children and yet, they choose to chase after their own desires and lusts.”

Jesus waves His hand towards the people and the creature. Many images appear in the place of the creature. The images are multidimensional as if coming from and yet a part of the creature. I understand the images are the perceptions of the individuals striving after it. I also feel the pull or call of the images upon the hearts and minds of the people. Lust, porn, drugs, power, greed, money, prestige, pride, the list seems endless.

Jesus explains, “Whatever the people want, it will give without limit. It will feed them until it chooses to destroy them. It feeds on the very evils it pours out. Its drunkenness and its hunger for souls is never satiated. That is why all who seek it are never satisfied, they just go deeper while their desires become more corrupt. The time is soon, this shall end and all will reap what they have sown. Everyone will be without excuse.”

Jesus stands up with a look of sadness on His face as He leads me away from the chaos.

Revelation 13, 1 John 2:16-17