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Convicting and Inspirational - As God Sees will change your life.


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The Glory of Jesus
in His Kingdom

“My realm in its fullness is the essence of My existence.
All that is Truth, My Truth, exists beyond the effects of people or evil. ” – Jesus



Jesus Will Judge the Goats – Who Are They?

January 15th, 2024|Comments Off on Jesus Will Judge the Goats – Who Are They?

Jesus comes to me and says, "Tell them. Make this known. The separation of sheep and goats has been a continual process all these years. Have I not warned that each must go through the gate? I am the only way to the Father. There are no short cuts, no other gates or paths to come into My Kingdom.”

Jesus Explains the Cry of Jihad Is Spreading

December 13th, 2023|Comments Off on Jesus Explains the Cry of Jihad Is Spreading

Jesus continues, “The cry of Jihad is spreading and gaining strength around the world. The spiritual hordes have already been released. They have begun to follow through on the plans that they have previously established. Not only are they accomplishing these plans, but they are also heading in a new direction.


Fascinating Revelations

I love this book. One can easily connect with the revelations or visions that are vividly described and sense a deep closeness to God. Great book for reading and rereading; I have used it for around the table reading and discussion as well. I ordered 10 copies immediately to give out to people whom I thought it would benefit. Fantastic read, thanks Noelle!

Ed W.

Feels As If You Are With Jesus

“Let me tell you…I read the first dialogue and was blown away because there were many things that I have heard my very own pastor say and she reflected the same thought here. I appreciate the use of colorful words because it makes you feel as if you are really there. I look forward to finishing this book.”

N. Z.

‘And Seek My Face’ Is Brought To Light

“Nestled in a very popular scripture are 4 little words which are often overlooked. We hear this scripture proclaimed many Sundays from many pulpits across America. It is so prevalent for the day we live in. But one segment of this popular scripture is rarely expounded upon. In the book, AS GOD SEES, author Noelle Huether  by her vivid writing has brought light for the words:

…and seek my face…

This often quoted scripture is found in 2 Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14. You can probably quote it by heart. But how many times have we breezed right past the part which says:

…and seek my face… ?

I highly recommend this book. I know you will be blessed as I was.”

Ruth Rice
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