Jesus sits with me on what appears as crystal stone benches. He hands me a crochet needle and yarn made of light. I hold them in my hands and look up at Him wondering what these are for. The yarn is like silver lights connected together. They are not twisted as normal yarn, but together and separate at the same time. Jesus weaves the thread through my left fingers in a peculiar way, then a loop around my right ring finger. I look up at Him questioningly.

Jesus answers, “It is different here, tension is controlled with your thoughts and desires as well as the moving of the thread.” He continues to show me how to crochet with the thread using different techniques than I am familiar with. I am even able to work within the thread by separating the individual sections. I clumsily do a few stitches with my hands seemingly knotted within the design. I can even bend the needle with my thoughts to grab a specific section. As I continue, the item I am making is becoming multi-dimensional. I hold it up before Jesus and myself. I giggle. Yeah, I have no idea what it is. As I look at the design I notice it is unexpectedly placid. I am able to lengthen or shorten any area of the design or any part of the thread as desired. I get an idea and grin. I look at Jesus and see His encouraging smile. I put the needle down and hold the design above both of my hands. I watch as it begins to glow. I can even change its colors as well as the radiance level. As I continue to explore, I feel heat and energy in my hands. I close my eyes and remember the bag I held in my hand awhile ago with Jesus. I think of an area in the design and see myself within the threads of the design. I reach up to touch the light within the individual strand of thread. As I reach out I can choose to let my hand fall through the light or to have my hand be stopped to feel it.

I have an understanding that I did not have to “crochet” this, but Jesus knows I enjoy crocheting. I can make whatever this is in any way or any method I want. I could have drawn it, used any other items of my choice or even just waved my hand to create it while in this realm. The joy of understanding the unlimited exploration and creation in this realm floods over me. His children  will have all of eternity to explore and create! I giggle at the idea many people have that heaven is where we sit on clouds and play harps for eternity. No, Heaven is so much more.

Jesus says, “No limit child. No constraints, no boundaries, complete freedom with no sin, suffering, fear, pain, and nothing evil for the pure in heart, for those who choose to follow Me and My ways. This is My realm and My joy as everyone who desires is welcome.”

I say, “Lord, are you teaching me about the spiritual realms? Or is this New Age stuff?”

Jesus smiles. “Is not all that is created Mine? Does not the enemy work evil within My truth and My creation?”

He draws me close to His side as He waves His hand. Darkness appears as smoke around us. He continues, “Those who are not with Me are against Me. Those who work within the spiritual realms as taught by the evil ones do not fully understand the destruction they are not only wielding but also how they are creating their own demise.”

I watch as evil ones speak into a group of people. They are doing incantations and rituals as darkness surrounds them and pull them into the spiritual realm.

Jesus says, “They cannot see in these realms except what the evil ones allow them to see. The evil ones even have the ability to twist and contort the surroundings and perceptions of the individuals so they cannot know the truth without My intervention. Whoever seeks Me will find Me, but often I am not what they want. The choice is theirs.”

I look around at what I recognize as many forms of mysticism and magic. It is as if we are standing inside a sphere of many human experiences with the evil ones in the spiritual realms. It is dark everywhere with pockets of faded imitation light around some of the experiences. I see things I recognize and many I do not know what they are about, but each one has at least one evil spirit with the humans. The demons are jeering and they lure and entice the humans into doing their bidding.

I cry out, “Jesus!” I turn to look up into my Lord’s eyes. I only want You and what You desire for me to understand and to do. May I not be deceived, for Your truth and Your will, is all I desire. Magic, mystical understandings, and knowledge of the unknown is not my desire. Help me to warn others!” I turn my back to all the experiences and visions of the mystic realms. I look up to Jesus and keep my eyes on Him. Where Jesus and I are standing is filled with His glory and brilliant light. I sense the darkness surround me with even more revelations of the workings of the enemy as if I am within a sphere of the evil ones. “Jesus, I only desire You.” My eyes stay focused on His beautiful gentle wondrous eyes. He nods. There is a tangible sphere of light around Him and me. He holds His radiant hand before me, I reach up to take it. Together we walk through the dark world with light shining thickly around us.

Jesus leads me to a ledge to show me the caverns of hell. I see people as if being transported from their dark duties in the mystic realms to just above the flames of burning souls. The enemy seems to relish the looks of horror and understanding of each person just before the person plummets to the fiery hell below. The enemy turns to look at me. As he does I draw myself into the thick folds of Jesus’ robes. I have an understanding I am known by him and his evil ones.

The Scripture, “A roaring lion seeking someone to devour,” comes to mind. It is the payment of one’s soul to enter this realm without Jesus’ permission and His presence.

Jesus answers my thoughts, “The evil ones have been in this realm for a long time and know how to work and move and deceive better than any human ever could. Thus, he has great power and influence from this realm. Have I not warned My children of this truth through My Word? Yes, I have, and yet many do not receive my warnings and choose to follow the evil ones’ deceptions. All that is dark, all that is of the enemy from this realm to man, is it not Babylon? Do I not call My people from his evil influences? I stand beside My children and watch as they succumb to the deceptions and lies of the enemy in their choices. I always provide a way out, a way of truth and life and hope, but each must make their own decision.”

Jesus looks down at me, “Stay with Me, stay close to Me, do not leave My side for anything. Peace I give you, not of the world, but from My eternity, from My victories, from My authority.”

“This you shall write: the acceptance of My essence and My truth is experienced by following My teaching and My Spirit. None shall fall from My protective hand who diligently choose to love Me with their whole heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love others as themselves.” He lifts my chin from my writing, “Surrendering to Me and all I have for you is for eternity.” He looks up and I follow His gaze. The world along with the dark realms crumble into dust and vanish. “Any other way is but for a moment and shall be destroyed. Tell them. Speak what I have shown you. Many are deceived because they are searching for My truth, but are being lured by the lies of the enemy. The darkness is becoming darker, which only brightens and makes more powerful My Truth.”

2 Timothy 3:24-26