Jesus takes me to a high cliff overlooking the world. It is night as all the city lights glow with what looks like geographical borders of a map translucently overlaid upon the lands. Jesus gently spins the world before us as if a globe.

Jesus asks me, “Do you know what it means for Father to put everything in subjection to Me? Or do you understand Him putting all My enemies under My feet as a footstool?”

I answer, “Lord, I have a general concept as written in in Your Word, but I know it is not the fullness of Your Truth. Tell me.”

He responds, “Many in America think a footstool is what one places their feet on when lounging or relaxing. But think of it as the footstool under the feet of a king on his throne. Some have even used humans to put their feet upon showing they are completely under the control of the king. They are at the complete disposal, use and subjection to the king. All who have been given authority from the king also has authority over them. Just as all who stand against Me are under My authority and judgment, so will they be under all My people, all who follow Me. I shall give My people the right to proclaim their judgment upon them. Now realize, that includes kings, princes, all people and all that is of the spiritual realms who have rebelled against Me. The completeness of the judgment must come from My children as faithful witnesses before Me as My judgment is just and final.

“One thing many do not realize is that at the final judgment with everyone standing before Me, the truth of all who they are, and were, is completely exposed. The ones who are with Me will shine brightly as the stars with no darkness or deceit within them. But those who are in rebellion to Me will be completely exposed and covered in their thoughts, sins, lies, and evil works. When one is at My side in spirit and in truth before My throne, they will see the truth of each person. Regardless of any relationship they had in the world with someone, they will know that person must stand or fall on their own decisions. None who are Mine, when standing beside Me and seeing the perfection of all that I Am, will desire for that person to come into Our Eternal Paradise without loving Me. That is why I said, ‘Unless you love Me more than mother or father or daughter or son, you are not worthy of Me.’ When one loves Me, they will love My truth. Evil cannot exist in My realm, else we would start the whole world over again in its sinful state. No. It shall be accomplished what Father and I have decreed and designed. I have finished the work for salvation. Soon I will finish the work for Eternity. The door will be closed and the weeping and gnashing of teeth will be unto My deaf ear, for everyone has had the opportunity to choose.”

Matthew 10: 37-39
Hebrews 2
1 Corinthians 15:25-28