Jesus hands me a large book with gold edges. “Open it.”

I gently open the book as light and images appear. The images move as multi-dimensional videos of moments of my life with each page turn. As I view the pages, flashes of my sin and bad decisions come to my mind, but none of those were in the book.

“All that is not of Me is washed away with your repentance and humility. I know you remember everything while on earth, but it brings you bondage. Here, in eternity, this is what you will have and will only remember, for all else is washed clean. Each moment of pure joy, innocence, prayer, worship, anything done for Me or of a pure heart, those moments are what are written upon these pages. And you continue to put more in as you praise Me, love on Me, walk with Me, and do for Me. You do not need to do magnificent things or even great things for them to be written in your book, just things out of love and joy and purity.”

I clutch the book and look up at Jesus’ brilliant face. “Thank You, Lord!”