“Now, write.”

Jesus and the Father stand up from their thrones and speak as One, their voices filling not only the throne room, but resonating through Their realm for nothing compares to their power, authority and majesty. All stand silent and receive within themselves the words and the power spoken from God.

“All power, all Authority, all that is righteous and good belong to Us. The claims of the enemies of every tribe, of every time, of every throne is now renounced!” I see Jesus and the Father throw down and crumble before Them everything that is established as dark power and authority. As They do, all darkness flees to run and hide from Their presence. There is nowhere to hid but within their evil abode. Jesus bends down, all of the Abyss including realms of darkness and evil are as a small speck within His massive, radiantly bright hand. With a voice of thunder Jesus speaks to the evil ones and throws them all into what looks like a lake of fire, which I understand in a multidimensional sense. The fires close within itself, and vanishes from view. Jesus stands before me larger than our universe. As He turns toward me the Father steps from Jesus and sits on His throne. “Now all is accomplished. Come here child.”

I step up to Him as Jesus comes to stand behind me.

“Do you know what just happened?”

I look up behind me at Jesus with my heart aglow. I return my gaze to my Glorious Father. I smile. “All I know is that all of evil along with all that stands and has stood against You will be removed.” I kneel before Him. And my heart is full of gratitude, joy, an unexplainable freedom, purity and hope I cannot articulate.

“Yes, you must remember, all the enemy speaks is as dead and empty and worthless as it will be at the end of the age. The only power it has is what man gives it in credence. Even if you are alone on the mountain resounding My trumpet, resound. Proclaim.”

I process His words as voices from a distance reach my ears. They grow in volume and intensity like multitudes of different sounding trumpets resound in full unity. My being is filled with the song that is being proclaimed as I understand it is the voices of my brothers and sisters around the world. “Yes, Lord. Your Kingdom has defeated the enemy and he can never destroy what You have accomplished. His lies are empty and his words of no value compared You, the Most High God. Grant Your people the courage, wisdom and strength to continue Your work until You return in all Your Glory!”