“Come here, child. Let me teach you something. Psalm 139:13.”

Psalm 139:13 ESV
“For you formed my inward parts;
you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.”

“I have known you from before I formed you. I knew all your intricacies and idiosyncrasies as well as how you would be brought up and the influences I would allow into your life.”

Jesus leads me to His throne room. I stop and look around. I’ve been here many times, yet was always focused on Jesus and Father. I look up at Jesus wondering if I can look around, He nods. I am standing on what appears as shimmering diamonds and pearls. Light moving as water from the thrones flows over and through the semblance of the floor into a pool before us. The water is so pure I can see through it to below and at the same time see the reflection of everything around us. I walk to the edge of what I sense is the sea of glass and bend down to look into it. I see my reflection as tears immediately well up in my eyes. I see myself as if through God’s eyes. I turn to look at Jesus. He smiles and sits down on His throne. He motions for me that it is okay to continue. As I look back into the sea, the reflection staring back at me is of perfection. Jesus explains, “Who you see, child, is the completion of your existence as I have created you to be.” Jesus kneels beside me and shows me who I was before knowing Him, who I became when I was saved, and the cleansing of my life as I have continued in Him.

Jesus continues softly, “You have been created for Father’s and My glory, for Our pleasure and Our delight just as We have created every person. We desire greatly for all to come to Us and find the perfection of who they are. Every soul has a choice to make.” He stands up and looks over the sea. As He does, many people of every nation appear as their lives play out before us above and within the sea. Everything is within many layers of superimposed visions before me. I am unable to process everything, but I have an understanding that Jesus does. “Each person knows within that I Am. How can they not for they are from Me and have within them My essence.” He wipes the sea clear again with a wave of His hand.

Jesus offers me His hand. I rise before Him. I rejoice within with the realization of His great love, mercy, and grace that He has bestowed upon myself and all those who call upon His name. At the same time, my heart grieves deeply for those who return His great love with intense hatred. If only they would see past the lies of the enemy and look fully into His wonderful truth.