Celebrating a Holiday

For several years I struggled with the celebration on Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas. This was due mainly because of a belief that these days were just like the Babylonian festivities where sacrifices and pagan rituals were observed. Much of the teachings of this belief were based on the writings of Ralph Woodrow’s “Babylon Mystery Religion” which was based on Alexander Hislop’s “The Two Babylons”. Ralph Woodrow has recanted his book and its teachings after recent research and archeological findings. You can read more about that here, Message from Ralph Woodrow regarding the book BABYLON MYSTERY RELIGION.

Ralph’s recanting of his first book was not enough for me. I prayed and searched Scriptures for knowing God’s view on Christian […]

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Works of the Law

In understanding the covenants, the role of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, and the life of the Christian, God helps us to understand through His Holy Word the workings of the Mosaic Law. It is the tendency of people to add their own understanding to make the Word of God more palatable or easier to accept, or worse yet, to make it fit their own established doctrine and belief system. This is also true of understanding, to the best of our limited human capacity, the workings of the Law. When we take our stand on the Word of God and not man’s understanding and allow His Holy Spirit to teach and to guide us, His Truth begins to take a deeper meaning […]

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