Loving in One’s Own Strength

Jesus says to me, “Tell all who will hear, I see everything in the highest office suite to the tunnels underground. There is no where any person can go where I do not see and know the intents of one’s heart. Those of you who are bound by the cords others have placed upon you, I see you as well. Know that I can and do bring freedom within regardless of what others may do to you. When you choose to follow Me, even in the darkness of the sins of others, your reward will be great here with Me for all eternity. I promise you, it will be worth every tear and cry of pain what I have planned for […]

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The Beast of Revelation

Through the darkness it looks like the turbulent surface of the ocean has become hundreds of thousands of people all reaching up at a single entity. They are acting as if they are at a concert shouting and waving at a band. As the entity that is not human rises up from among them I take in a deep breath. I gasp at the hideousness of the creature. The creature has massive juts of scales coming out of its body, massive large feet with claws to rip apart anything in its way.

The Persecuted Are Not Alone

Jesus reminds me, “Count it all joy when you are reviled for My name’s sake. Take joy in the good and joy in the bad.”

I look down at my feet, they are bare. They have the appearance of being golden translucent. I wiggle my toes. I imagine sandals on, then a beautiful pair of sandals appear on my feel. They move with my feet, not solid like here on earth. I look up, Jesus is just smiling as He enjoys watching me explore.

“Anything and everything is waiting here for you, child. But, now is the time to work and to serve. Rest comes in the morning when the new day arrives.” He leads me to my desk as a gentleman would […]

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The Essence of Joy

If you want something bad enough, you will seek it out.
If you don’t want it, you will refuse to allow it in.

For the past few months I have been on a journey regarding Joy. I have to admit, I had to break through a lot of lies I have been taught and barriers in my life during this journey. I wanted to know why does a baby laugh to tears at the simplest motion. Why do animals play? Where does our humor come from? Nutshell… where was my humor, my laughter, my joy? Then this week happened and I experienced  joy during the tragedy. It is a moment that I pray I never forget. I can now say confidently, […]

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Where Is God’s Comfort?

Last week we talked about comfort and our need to ask God for comfort. Let me review that a little bit and kind of break that down again.

When we are struggling with pain and suffering, all we really want is for it to stop. We ask God to take care of it. If nothing happens we start bartering with God, then we please and beg. Get mad. When nothing happens we will look for a sin issue, or try to work up our faith to make it stronger.

Then we start to get really upset, maybe at God, or the situation, others or even ourselves. This is when it can feel like we’ll never be okay again. We may feel like our […]

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