“That which is from the beginning shall have no end.
He extends His loving kindness from morning to morning,
to all those who will hear His voice.
His trumpet shall resound
from the furthest reaches of the heavens
to the deepest depths of Sheol.
There is none who can take Him
from His established throne above all creation.
None can displace from His head
even one hair nor one toe from His footstool.

Why do men strive to destroy His goodness?
Who among the loins of man can disrupt His plans?
Who in the heavenlies can thwart His plan
that has been established from before even their existence?

None can, that is the answer.
None in all the heavenly realms or in creation below can displace even one jot or iota of God’s Truth.
They can only twist the thoughts and intentions of man.
Who is the fool?
Who is the liar?
Who are the ones to whom iniquity’s fullness exist?
Is it not the one who denies the loving kindness from the living God,
The One who is the perfect redemption for all mankind?

The Lord Most High answers
with thunder in His voice,

“Yes, it is they who shall return to the dust
to eat their reward in the depths of darkness
where My presence, My goodness, all that I Am is removed.
They shall eat of their own iniquities
and they shall know I Am the truth of all they denied.

“But does that matter?
What is My heart’s desire?
What is My hope and glory found in?
My reward will be everyone who turns to My Son, Jesus,
the rock and foundation of all My Truth.
For all who submit to and follow Him
is welcome in all My glory and all that I Am.
My joy will be made complete
when the fullness of My Family is within My Eternal Gates
for none to destroy or harm.
My city will be complete,
My realms full,
My plan accomplished.

“Can you not see the brevity of your realm
as it is only the beginning
of all I have for My People?
Who shall even remember it?
Who shall even recall the evils and horrors anymore?
Not one.

“What the evil ones in both realms
have accomplished in their own eyes
will be completely removed and washed away,
no more shall anyone even think of it or speak of it upon their lips.
I have redeemed what is Mine
and the rest will vanish for eternity, never to be spoken of again.
This is the definitive nature of My Desire.

“Man is so fickle to think with their limited and corrupted reasoning
that I am confined by their finite limits.
By denying My infinite being,
they are rejecting My offer
to cloth them with My righteousness for all eternity.
So be it.
They shall have the reward they desire, just as My Children will receive theirs.
Yes, each shall receive the fulfillment of their desire within themselves.”