Who Does Jesus Choose To Proclaim His Truth?

Jesus tells me, “Write this down. Some take My truths as if to be handled as a currency of different values.” I see multiple coins and bills from many different countries. Jesus continues, “They believe My truths can be taught as figures of men. They do not seem to understand My truths supersede and extend beyond their biased understandings and logic. Look as the verse Paul writes about not allowing women to be leaders over men. If they would comprehend the voice within them saying how man dominates women to the extent of piracy or dominance, they would understand that women were uneducated then and unable to teach. But yes, who spoke of My coming to the multitude before I arrived? […]

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Dreams Of Peace Becoming Reality

Today as we celebrate one of this nation’s greatest advocates for equality, I stand in awe at Martin Luther King, Jr’s consistent posture of peace, even in the midst of aggressive attacks. Today, interracial tension seems to be everywhere according to the news reports. I wonder though, are we letting ourselves see and acknowledge the evidence of positive change that Martin Luther King, Jr breathed into existence in his famous speech, I Have A Dream. As I travel around this nation and watch people interacting in various situations, of various ages, and various cultures, I rejoice that Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream is alive and overcoming this nation’s past.

Are we there yet? No.

Can we currently see his […]

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To Love Your Enemy is to Love God

”My peace is found nowhere else but with Me. Reconciliation is difficult, many run away from it with others as well as Myself. It is difficult to face the one you have conflict with face to face.”

“The shame, guilt or fear grips within, which is why most people cannot face the other they have a conflict with so they flee. It is the same with Me. But, there are significant differences facing Me versus another person. Not only do I know the heart and mind of the one coming before Me, but I also know the intent. Is the one approaching Me in humility or in arrogance and blame? I know. I renounce the proud by giving […]

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