Walking With God…. Moment By Moment

Being a child of the Living God gives us wonderful privileges and opportunities. God desires to walk beside us every moment of our day, even in the good and the bad. Below is an excerpt from As God Sees on how to keep holding onto our Lord’s hand through it all.

Stay daily in the Word of God – It alone is our standard of all truth, know it, love it, memorize it! Everything has to come back to Scripture.
Stay in prayer – Seek God every day through prayer. Talk to God and give Him the opportunity to speak to you. Try to stay in constant prayer throughout the day. (Ephesians 6:18)
Journal – Journaling is a great way to stay focused on […]

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The Glory of Jesus in His Kingdom

"Truly, men from within time cannot comprehend My existence outside their realm. All they comprehend will go through their filter which is interdependent on time. Only through My Holy Spirit and My direction, may they receive a glimpse of who I am, and of My truth. They must be willing to let Me reveal Myself as I am and not who they want Me to be."

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