Jesus Describes Current Tactics Against Israel and Their Allies

As far as the War in Israel, today I heard clearly from the Lord on this issue.

Jesus says, “Hamas has withdrawn to regroup and call for more support, both in troops and in weaponry. They are not finished. There will be several small skirmishes and surprise attacks in different areas to keep Israel and their allies off guard and distracted. Many countries are watching from their comfort and strategizing how to best protect their own interest. They are wanting the conflict to end, but in their desire for selfish gain and to stop the warring, they will choose the wrong tactic and support that which is against Israel. Now, in the diversion tactics, Israel’s allies will not be watching closely their […]

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Father Declares the Fullness of Man’s Decisions Has Arrived

Father slams His fist on His throne and stands up, “The time has come to allow the fullness of what man desires to be their destruction unto the end. There is no other power or authority that I have not only seen, but have also allowed. Many of My People would rather succumb to the lures and complacency of the evil around them than to stand up and say ‘no more’. There are remnants of My holy ones shining brightly. But there are many who think they are holy and standing up for My Truth, but do it in vanity and disdain. How can one who says they love Me still walk with hatred in their hearts? No. It is time. Man has had the opportunity to choose whom they will serve.”

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War In Israel Begins – Jesus Declares It Is Time

He stops and opens the realms to look upon the Middle East. As I look to follow His gaze, I see pockets of darkness flowing from many areas east of Israel. As the pockets of darkness combine, they hit like waves of chaos. They then keep flowing westward while still in a state of turmoil. I see the same from the south and from the north and even from Europe. “As much as they hate each other, they are following a greater hunger and thirst of destruction upon My Temple Mount. They do not truly understand the source of the hatred within

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