Jesus hands me a small paper bag. As I take it, the bag that is small enough for my hand to hold becomes transparent and extremely large. At the same time I am holding the bag I am also within it with Jesus beside me. “Child, now stop your analyzing part of your thinking. Relax and just receive.” I look around; the bag’s exterior seems to be replicated in many sizes around us. The exteriors are lightly transparent inside each other. My hand is still outstretched before me holding what I believe is the bag, yet do not see the original size hanging below my fist. With my other hand, I reach out to see if I can touch the first layer of the bag that seems to be around us. My finger bounces back as if touching a strong bubble.

Jesus says to me, “Explore. Explore with wonder.” I look up at Him, His smile radiates through my being giving me a sense of peace and joy. I look at a different layer of the bag; I choose one that looks like several layers out of the one I just touched. I focus on it and reach for it. My hand and arm reach through the other layers as if they were only holograms and my finger touches the layer I am looking at. Once again the layer stretches slightly like a bubble. I flatten my hand on the layer so my fingers and palm are outstretched on the layer to feel it. It doesn’t feel like glass as I expected, but like rubber water, fluid, and solid at the same time. The layer is very thin. The transparency of it is about 10%, mostly clear. The brownness of the bag is as reflective light within the layer.

Suddenly a fire shoots out from my hand through all the layers and startles me. The existence of the bag is gone. Jesus and I are standing alone with only what looks like space around us. He lifts up my left hand. It shines brightly in His hand. We are standing inside a sphere with white dotted lines such as the longitude and latitudes of the earth around us. I see the earth spinning above my open hand. I look up at Jesus. There appears before His face as holographic masks of different demons and idols and gods, some of which I recognize. I am amazed at how many appear as harmless or even intriguing. The faces are scrolling over His face from right to left, fading in and fading out. They are still coming and going, hundreds of them by now. Jesus just stands there patiently holding my hand with the world still spinning above it.

“Man has never wanted the truth they cannot control or manipulate or completely explain. Thus the enemy has been able to easily deceive all who do not want the truth that is written within their heart. When the enemy has found those who do desire the truth, he has tried in many ways to destroy them. Know that they are all with Me, I have not lost one.” The faces are still coming and going, in the thousands by now.

Jesus steps forward breaking through the projected masks. His light radiates over the earth and through Me. “Am I not the God of forgiveness and mercy? I rule through eternity and love, not with appeasement and destruction of hatred. I know the soul of each one. Do I not understand the ways of the enemy and of man? Am I not above all their strategies that seem to use My Word against Me and My children?” He touches my cheek, “No, child, I am greater than all the foolishness of the enemy and the world. One chooses to receive My love and forgiveness or to harden their heart against Me. Child, regardless of what it looks like out there, there is nothing new under the sun and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, even the thoughts and intentions within any person’s heart and mind, that I do not know about.”

I see the world suddenly explode as if from the center. A ring of shock waves flows from it.

“Remember, what the enemy does to destroy, I can use for good because he is nothing besides Me.” The earth once again appears above my hand. As Jesus uses His other hand around it, the earth grows and expands as the brown bag did around us. As it does, it grows brighter and more brilliant. Jesus smiles as it is transformed into perfection, beauty. I sense it is spiritual now, no beginning, no end. It is not solid anymore. It is still a sphere but also filled within as it is filled around, with creation, of all kinds. The fullness of all creation is within and without, in what we would call many dimensions on many planes. I still see the universe, but it too is transformed. Linear has no concept here. There is nothing linear, all just is. Everything in creation is perfectly in harmony. One moment is everywhere and yet also in one place.

Effortlessly, I see my palm still stretched out before me touching the fluid sphere of the paper bag with Jesus standing beside me and my right hand still closed clutching the bag. I look up at Jesus.

“All things are possible with Me. Especially the impossible. Expect and live like the impossible will and is happening. Think outside the bag.” He smiles.