I see Jesus with a foot on the temple mount. “Jerusalem. Where they kill My prophets, deny My truth.” He looks at me with sadness in His eyes as He steps away from the mount. “They say they know My Father, yet they deny Me.” Jesus looks up to the throne of God the Father.

Father looks at us, shakes His head and dismisses with His right hand.

“They are rebuilding for sacrifices again as though My atoning death is not enough.” Jesus takes me to a hall, hidden from the world, as if what they are doing is in secret. I see men dressed in clean attire, according to their status or role, working. There is a man hand sewing a design on thick purple cloth.

“What I rent, they are creating again as if to cover up what I had done.” I sit with Him as we watch the men work. There are other men sewing and preparing for the robes, curtains and other articles of cloth.

“They will walk the cattle up this road, led by priests, as a proclamation they have accomplished according to their design and interpretation, that which is an abomination to Me and My Father. They did not obey and stay faithful when we asked them to many years ago, but they followed their own hearts to bow down to idols and their own lusts. And now,” Jesus gestures to the workers, “Now they still follow their own hearts and lusts to continue denying Our perfect gift and work for them.” Jesus takes my hand and leads me away. I can actually feel the sadness flowing through His hand to my being.

What if all His children followed Jesus so closely, they could know and feel His essence like this, moment by moment. Maybe it would be too much. It rends my heart now sensing the King of all king’s sadness. I know He is not letting the fullness of His emotion flow to me or I would probably melt away.

Jesus looks over Jerusalem. “There is a few, a remnant, who call Me by name as their Savior. They are kept as silent as possible by everyone else in this country.” Jesus looks at me, “I know who they are, I know their names.” He smiles. “Everyone has about made their decision. Not much longer now.”

“Come, child.” Jesus leads me away from Jerusalem. “As you write, make it known that you are only a messenger, delivering what I personally reveal to you.”

Jesus leads me into the throne room to the Father. The color is different, a beautiful blue hue radiates everywhere. It even feels different.

I look up at Father. Father stands up. His robes are majestic and fill the room, flowing from Him as a powerful waterfall. He walks to the opposite side of the throne room. The walls are ornate and transparent at the same time. He is at a large door and looks out. As He calls, a young man enters before Him. He is acting cowardly, bending slightly away from Father as He walks back to His throne and sits down.

The man is very thin, wearing torn rags.

“Why do you come before Me.” Father’s voice booms through the courtroom. His voice resounds vibrating through my being and obviously through the man’s as well. He shudders.

The man does not raise his eyes to Father, He sheepishly throws a quick glance to Jesus and returns his gaze back to the floor before him.  “Lord, Majesty on High, I have come to petition before Your Majesty, for your mercy and compassion upon me and my family. We have served You faithfully knowing You are the One true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” He keeps throwing glances at Jesus and looking away.

Father sits back. “I have served My judgment, I have spoken plainly for all to know of the sacrifice I have provided for you, Myself.” Father waves His hand as a book is immediately brought before the man opened to a page which the man himself had written himself. The man immediately falls to his knees before the book and begins to weep.

An angel reads, “I do not accept the writings of a man named Jeshua, born of a supposed virgin. Such accounts are made up and created to deliver us from the rightful way of our ancestors. This man is a blasphemy and a dissident to our faith, our way of life and our Law. I forbid His name to be spoken of in my home.”

All is silent except for the sobbing of the man crouched in a heap of the floor. Without looking up, he said, ‘I thought He was a lie. I only wanted to honor You, my Lord, and my God.’

Father says to the man, “You know as well as I, the Son has the full authority and power as the Father. You have denied My Son, You have denied Me.”

As the man is lead away in chains, I look up at Jesus. I sense His sadness again. Jesus looks at me, “I died for him, and his family. I even visited him once.” Jesus looks after the man. “That is when he wrote those words in his heart, and none could talk to him after that about My love for him.”

Jesus reaches over and sets a mark on pages of the book that was read.

He looks me in the eyes, “You may go child. Remember what you have seen. I do not have joy rejecting those who have rejected Me. Only sorrow.”

Proverbs 24:17-18 English Standard Version (ESV)

17 Do not rejoice when your enemy falls,
and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles,
18 lest the Lord see it and be displeased,
and turn away his anger from him.