Father explains to me, “The beauty of one’s life lies within their own design of how I created them, without the influence of the enemy.” I see a beautiful image of a person in Father’s hand. It is like liquid crystal with brilliant light shining and refracting within. The light cannot stay contained within as it radiates outwards. The figure also emits sound as… Father interrupts me, “As different and unique as they are. I have created each soul independent of any influence but My own. Each is created for My glory to be a child of Mine if they desire.”

Father places His hand down as the image walks off and disappears. “I have to release the soul from My presence in order for each one to decide who they will chose to follow.”

Father stands up as He looks around His realm with what seems as a sense of longing. He looks at me, “All of Heaven has been meticulously designed for the fulfillment and enjoyment of each soul I have created. There is enough here for everyone. So many have chosen to follow the enemy’s lies and momentary satisfaction. In doing so, they have denied everything I have to give them. They also cause intense harm on others in ways they never see or even acknowledge.”

Thank You for preparing Heaven for us, and for Your promise that all pain and sin will be not allowed there for all eternity!