Jesus leans back and says, “I am your responsibility. People, places, worldly events, they should not deter you from Me, but instead push you to Me all the more. Man does not know what they want, else they would desire after Me. They run to and fro seeking anything else but Me.”

I think of the social media that many are running to. Jesus continues, “Entertainment, not truth. People want to be withdrawn from their lives into a world of lies and fantasy, which then becomes their heart’s desire for truth. Chasing after the wind, all that is vanity. To desire truth is to seek it out. Work for it. This country has forgotten the joy, the experience of knowing Me!”

Jesus leads me to a group of Christians. I see them sitting on a carpet on a dirt floor with wooden utensils and simple food items like bread and meal. I hear their discussion. Each is telling a story of how God touched their lives recently. The others ask questions every once in a while, all engaged in the testimony. They speak only of Jesus, what they learned from studying, speaking of Him as if every moment of their lives revolved around Him. I look up at Jesus. His smile is radiant, with a gentle look of love and joy in His eyes. I look back at the group. These four people have so little, and yet they shone brightly. Each person has a smile as they are seemingly content, relaxed, and thrilled to be with each other sharing the most important aspect of their lives. They obviously have few possessions, and yet they act as if they possess the most valuable treasure which they eagerly share with each other. Laughter resounds in the little room.

My heart sinks. We have it all wrong. I look up at Jesus. We, here, in America, chase our dreams expecting You to follow and bless us on our journeys as we gather more stuff, worldly treasures and knowledge, building our castles, always seeking more. When we do relax, we crash by watching social media, videos and movies to relax. Other times we prefer destructive behaviors like drinking, drugs or other worldly pleasures. We push You out while saying You demand too much, You are not interesting enough or even worthy of our attention.

Jesus transforms the scene. The four people continue laughing and sharing about Jesus and His wondrous works in their lives as my view changes to that of God’s throne room. The four are still in sight, brightly shining, near the feet of Father. Father is watching them, smiling. They are bringing Him joy and delight. Father looks at me, “I see My children. I see when they ignore Me, I see when they delight in Me. I know their hearts desires and where they place their devotion and attention. Smoke and lights, pure entertainment of one’s heart, distracts from the simplicity of My truth and love.”

Father leans closer to me as He smiles and says, “Joy is from within.” He reaches over and touches my heart. As He does, all pain, anxiety, and tension wash away as joy, love and peace flows through me bringing me strength. “Is not that what you truly want? Joy, contentment, peace, love?”

Yes, Father.

Father continues, “What I have to give, cannot be found in the hopelessness of the world’s pleasures, in the emptiness of lies, or in the deceitfulness of worldly entertainment. Seek Me with your whole heart, and you will find Me. When you find Me, you shall receive treasure pressed down, shaken and overflowing beyond your expectations.”

John 6:33-51
Luke 8:9-15
Titus 3:3-8
Hebrews 10:19-25
Ephesians 5:15-21