“Here My child, come. I want to show you something. I step up into His realm. This time, what I step up on is not like a rock or a cliff, but a see-through step which continues into a flat plane as far as I can see. Everything is perfectly clean, not a speck of dirt nor a shadow, just pristine blue skies as if reflecting Jesus’ glory and light. “Keep looking. Try to describe clearly what you are seeing.”

I first look to Jesus. His beauty, love and holiness radiates off of Him as the sun. His essence is not only seen, but felt, heard and absorbed into my own being. His radiance is pure, like energy that can be felt and yet cannot be contained. He is currently appearing before me as if about 7 feet tall, yet I have seen Him larger than the universe. He is the Great I Am whose very words uphold all we see and do not see. His face is brilliant light. His smile permeates every part of my being bringing me joy and peace within every part of me as Jesus’ love flows over and through me. I tell Him, “If only everyone would accept Your Truth Jesus, Your unfailing love and Your every good gift to those who chose You. Then they would experience to the fullness what they are looking for and so much more.” I turn around to look out to where Jesus’ gaze lifted. In the distance I see darkness covering a very large city like a massive cloud of dust.

“Fear.” Jesus says gently. “Fear shall soon take over the entire world. There is no where else to go. Those who try to escape or fight will only succumb to the clutching nooses of the enemy. I wish My people would understand. Just as I did not fight or kill or destroy, I desire My people to do the same. For when they fight back, they are actually playing into the real enemy’s hands. The battle is not on earth, it is not about life or death of the flesh, or even of politics and agendas. No, it is for each soul. My enemy knows the value of the soul whereas man does not.”

We are still standing on the clear platform as we watch the dark cloud overtake the land. Jesus takes a large diamond ring off a finger, opens it up and stamps a parchment paper at the end of the message. He lifts the parchment that He signed. “Can you read it?”

I hold the parchment in my hands. It looks like a normal parchment that has been rolled up. As I hold it, I feel the same energy dripping off it as which flows from Jesus. I look at the script, I do not recognize it. It is beautiful, in multidimensional black and gold ink. I spread my hand over it as if to smooth it. As I do, the letters start to become legible to me. I set it down on a clear podium that suddenly appears before me.

I read aloud to the darkness before me.

“Let the redeemed of the Lord God Almighty be strengthened. As sure as the depth of evil that has darkened your doorway, know that your Redeemer is all consuming around and within. Standing at the threshold is one who seeks your eternal soul, but the One Who already resides within you claims your eternity in paradise. As you stand in the face of evil, know with everything you have that I Am standing with you. Do not succumb to its fear, for it knows your soul is its reward, not your life. Do not give it to them.”


Jesus, the King Most High, Son of the Living God

The seal from the ring is in red to the right of His name.

Jesus approaches, rolls up the parchment and hands it to me. “This is what you are to deliver.” I reach up and take it from His hand. “There will be more. Stand child, and trust I will do what I am to do.”