As Jesus takes my hand, I feel suspended in space with Jesus in front of me. He is holding a scroll that has writing on both sides and all the seals are broken. We are very slowly spinning in suspension across from each other as He holds the scroll up before Him.

“Child, what do you see?”

I answer, “I see writing of every language of every tongue superimposed upon each other in the lines of the words on the scroll.”

“Yes, none can read it but Me. I am the creator of all that is spoken language, written, or even gestured. The enemy adds His own words and definitions to twist what is Mine. He shall also reap his judgments on that aspect as well. Only I have the authority to not only read but speak and proclaim the judgments written upon this scroll.”

I see, in what I know as the past, a seal being broken and a horse with its rider ran to the earth. Then I see the other woes quickly unfold before me.

“Who put the seals on?” I ask Jesus. Father nods.

Jesus answers, “Each seal has been applied as the prophets and My elect have recorded My Words and judgments that were to be stayed until time of execution.”

I see each seal has a different signet mark, but all are similar in style as if from the same origin. “All have been opened. The scroll has been opened. My angels have and are accomplishing all that is written within.”

I see Jesus’ feet on what looks like the 2 major continents. “My throne has been established and all jurisdictions have become Mine. My kingdom has flown through all the earth in great power and great sacrifice. Not one drop spilled for My Name will be forgotten, but will be rewarded mightily.”

I see military men and women working in a control room. The closest one is a woman speaking into a microphone. I cannot distinguish the words. I look up to see Jesus walk away from the continents as a large wave of water flows like a waterfall behind where He was standing. It reminds me of the waterfall at the end of one of the Narnia series movies. It stops in movement and is held into position by Jesus’  word.

“The cleansing of My creation will remove all that is not of Me, even from those within My Kingdom. The greater blessing and honor is being made fully clean before I do the fullness of My work in the last day. And yes, the last day is the last day.”

Jesus asks me, “What are the last of My judgments, child?”

I am not sure. The timing of everything has been confusing to me because of all the teachings of men. Can You bring me wisdom and understanding?

I see Babylon and I know that is what I am seeing. I see something completely dark with ties/tendrils reaching over all the earth and over much time as if it is inter-dimensional via time. “Be strengthened child,” Jesus tells me as we look at the vision below us. “Its disgrace and horrors brought complacency among many who had chosen to follow Me. They did not heed my warnings to stay away from it. She seems harmless although the sins and evil were plain to identify. It includes the media-all forms from the beginning of propaganda, misuse of information as well as misquoting of My Truth. “

“All will become obsolete in a moment and the real war will ensue. Images will be displayed/projected beyond the understanding of communications as you understand now. This is much sooner than you realize to rally destruction of all Christians, Bibles, Churches: of all that is Mine. This technology already exists.”

“Be strengthened, My child, all who endure to the end shall receive a great reward.”