Jesus leads me to a desk in the throne room. He sits down on His throne next to Father. My desk is to Jesus’ right slightly facing them both. I spread my hands over the wooden desk as a parchment appears along with an ink pen and ink. I pick up the ink pen knowing the ink will continue to flow as needed upon the paper. I look up to Father and my Lord, waiting.

Jesus looks to Father with a look of exuberance on His face. “The Time is near.” Father nods.

They both look towards the entrance. Jesus looks down to me and says, “Be at peace. Write what you see and hear.”

I nod and look back at the entrance. Two bright angels accompany a man who is dark and limping. It appears very difficult for him to move but the angels do not touch him. Their faces are serious as they approach the thrones. I sense something sinister coming from man’s eyes.

“Why have you brought me here?” The man asks in an impatient and disgusted tone. He refuses to look up at Jesus or Father. He tentatively reaches out to touch the floor with his hand as if seeing something new and wanting to experience what it is. After touching it he immediately pulls his hand back into his chest.

Jesus leans forward and softly speaks to the man. “I have come to reveal to you the truth of who I Am.”  As Jesus speaks the three of us are whisked away to another place of pure light all around, but nothing else. I sense the man cannot see me as I continue to record his interaction with Jesus. Jesus is standing before the man with His hand reaching out to him. The crippled man sees Jesus’ hand before him and tries to withdraw within himself to hide.

“You know what I have done. There is nothing that can be done now.” As the man sneers his comment to Jesus, he tries to drag his cloak around him even more to hide himself. “I am disgust. I am putrid and hatred. Depart from me.”

Both of them do not make a move or speak a word for a moment. Then a gentle wave of light and power flowed from Jesus’ chest, down His robe and ever so slowly draws closer to the man and gently starts to wrap around him.

Jesus speaks in a soft tone that  resonates through my being as if a wave of water is flowing through me, “No one else can, nothing in all creation can, but I Am all that can. I have overcome death and hatred and even all that is putrid. I Am and I have called you by name to My presence for redemption from all that has destroyed you.”

Dark figures resembling wolves with drooling alligator mouths come out of nowhere from behind the man. They move cautiously toward him and speak to him in low growls. As they speak, the man slides toward the dark ones as if tied with ropes and chains.  The man looks into the eyes of the beings and begins to transform into their likeness. He turns back to Jesus with a low throat growl. Snapping his mouth at Jesus he says, “I shall live with my hatred and let it grow to attack You and all that is Yours!” He stands up the best he can, but only to a crouched and humpbacked stance. A large chain attached to a thick metal shackle about his neck begins to be pulled by the creatures away from Jesus. The man turns and follows the dark ones. As he does he mimics their movements. I notice as they leave, the darkness around them is quickly replaced by the light emitting from Jesus.

I look back to Jesus. He starts to sit down on His throne. As He did, everything around us transforms back to His throne room. I see a sadness upon Him. He turns to me and leans on the arm of His throne closest to me.

“Write this, make it known to all who would read it. I have come to each at one time or another, in the way they would most receive My truth. And yet,” His voice changes to a gentleness that tugs at my heart, “And yet, everyone has a choice to make. Most refuse My perfection in their lives for the lie of power they never actually receive as they are promised. All power and authority that is given by the enemy is in chains and fetters upon them.” He sits back and nods to the two angels who accompanied the man into the throne room. They bow deeply before the thrones and leave.

Jesus continues, “Child, this happens often, both in life and in near death experiences as you call them. No one has an excuse, even those who have never heard My Name in your realm, which is very few now. Even you were in complete darkness when I came to you. Yes, each has a choice to make. If I cannot make anyone love Me, then certainly you cannot either. You must love as I have commanded you, as well as proclaim My Word, and you will have done the will of My Father.”