Jesus comes to me in His bright glory with power flowing off His robes as radiant light as He approaches. “I have a message you must tell My People.”

Jesus declares with a voice that echoes through my being, “Choose today whom you will serve. Choose wisely, For your appearance before Me will be in an instant you do not know. I am looking for warriors who will fight with My provisions and power. The enemy who has the appearance of might is empty and weak before Me.

“I need warriors with swords drawn on the battleground ready to surrender all, and warriors behind with swords drawn in prayer empowering those before them.

“I need medics who hold My healing in their hands, and I need trumpeters who will proclaim My truth and direction, and I need the choir in pure robes to surround all in praise unto My throne.

“Not one is to fight on their own or for their own. Not one shall have an ounce of pride, for they shall fall first – they are a weakness in My army that will bring destruction to My people.

“All will be accountable to Me directly as well as supplied by My Spirit in ways you cannot even comprehend.

“Now to do the ‘impossible’ in your terms, stand up, get prepared, and cast aside man’s traditions and man’s understanding for what only My Spirit can give. Time is short, you must choose.”