A paper appears on my desk. I wipe my hand over it to smooth it out from its tendency to curl.

I sense it is an announcement. I try to see words to appear for me to read. I look up at Jesus, I don’t see anything.

“You are to write,” He says. “Ready?” I nod.

Jesus begins, “My Kingdom is not one for the self righteous, the condemner, nor the activist. My Kingdom’s door is open to the poor in spirit, the meek, and the humble regardless of their past. I am the door, My Father is the door keeper. Have I not told you so already? Submission to Me and others is the key that many are searching for and yet unable to find.” I look up, Jesus seems angry. He looks down at me, “Many proclaim to be Mine and yet they destroy the way for others to come to Me. Their judgment will be swift, and thorough.“ Jesus hits the armrest of His throne as the sound and vibrations echo through the room. A Bible quickly appears on my desk; the pages flip through and stop at John. Verses John 3:13-19 shine in gold.

Jesus continues, “I Am the way, the truth and the life. If I came and did not condemn, how is it that those who claim to be Mine condemn others and withhold My grace and mercy from them! My Truth and every blessing from My throne are free for all who choose to follow Me.” I sense anger flowing from Him.

Jesus stands and turns to the Father. “This is My Word, with the authority of My Father who rules all that is. Leaders, pastors, parents, teachers, you are being held accountable for the righteousness you instill in others through My Name, as well as My righteousness stolen through your lying and deceiving tongues and actions. Know this, blood stains are never removed from your hands without full repentance and submission to Me. I am Judge, I am the One who holds the future of souls in My righteous right hand. You are to remain servant to Me and servant to others.”

Jesus put a seal at the bottom of the paper I had written on. The writing transforms into many languages.

Jesus picks up the paper, “This is for everyone, everywhere. None are exempt.” He places the paper into my hands. “Make it known while there is still time. I am coming soon.”

Matthew 5:1-11
John 10:1-18
John 14:6-7