“Hope is found within My complete control and unfathomable wisdom, within My mystery as you say. Depression is not trusting Me to work all things to good, especially outside your understanding.”

“Just take a moment and wait… with Me.”

I stand beside Him. Immediately my mind begins to wander, I stop the thought and go back to Jesus. Normally I look up at Him eager to learn something new: something about Him, about His truth, His word, something for me or the church. This time is different. I reach up to hold His hand and just stand with Him, waiting. His brilliant light surrounds us to the point I see nothing but extreme brightness. I wait and rest within the only understanding I have at this moment. Jesus is above all, in control of all, power over all and is right here beside me holding my hand because He chooses to love me.

Before me word, “Mystery” appears. My desire for knowledge and truth is great, I have studied all my life in one form or another, always learning, always reading. Wanting to know everything I can about Jesus and God and His Word. I have found that all of His truth points to this; He is God and He loves deeply, intensely with every part of His essence. All the details we humans try to articulate in every area of study only touches the tip of the ice berg of His being. The rest… is His mystery. And one day all of us will understand tremendously more about His mystery than we can physically comprehend now. On that day, each will proclaim “Jesus is Lord!” I cannot wait until that day! On that day every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. All else is worthless, empty, vain, without substance. True reality will then be revealed. And somehow, within everyone’s heart, they know the truth. They just don not want the greatest of all treasures, the love of God.

Jesus, thank You for being patient with me and choosing me by never giving up on me. Your faithfulness is wonderful and beyond measure: from eternity to eternity.

Lord, You are magnificent. You are beyond all my comprehension and understanding. I look up at Jesus, and I think I am finally fully okay with You having Your mystery about You and within my life. Remind me when my anxiety rises that Your mystery can entice my eager expectations into what You have been, are, and will do in my life as well as those around me.