Read Acts 14:10-12

Jesus is at the center of our Christian faith, but have you ever stopped to consider the multiple ways we pronounce His name?

In North America we call the Hebrew Messiah ‘Jesus’, but in Spanish speaking nations He is called ‘Hesus’. In other nations his name is pronounced even more differently: in Latin it is Iēsus, then there is the Hebrew Yeshua. He is also known by other names. The scriptures also calls Him Emmanuel. There are over 50 names, titles and characteristics attributed to Jesus. See this site for a complete listing. (Names of Jesus)

But seriously how do we say His name is it: Yahshua, Yeshua, Iesus, Isa? And do we really have to pronounce it correctly for salvation?

The name of Jesus and how to pronounce it is highly debated on the internet. There is a movement among some groups that say that we must pronounce the name of Jesus in a proper manner or we are sinning.  Yet I sincerely believe that is not the correct pronunciation of His name that brings you to salvation, it is putting your faith in Him and receiving Him that gives you the hope of eternal life. Jesus would put it this way, it is a heart thing, not a legalistic thing.

After hundreds of years it is possible that we do not pronounce the original Greek version of His name correctly, and it probably doesn’t matter as long as we know who He is. The scripture gives us permission to call Him the Galilean, Emmanuel, Son of God, even King of kings. Obviously, not to much emphasis is placed on His proper name in the scriptures themselves. Why should we?

I agree that there is no other name greater, no other name more powerful than the name of Jesus. Yet it is the recognition of what He has done for us that causes us to believe and receive. Praying in the name of Jesus is not a magic formula that we repeat just to get what we want. Praying in the name of Jesus means that we are standing on His promises, praying in obedience. We are standing on His authority not a linguistic pronunciation. We bring power and revelation out of His being because of His presence, because of who He is. Do you really think that the Lord hasn’t answered the prayers of people who earnestly sought him, but maybe didn’t quit get the name pronunciation down? Surely we are not going to presume that thousands of people have been condemned just because they didn’t know how to say His name right.

Have you ever had someone mispronounce your name? I have and I assure you that I still knew it was me that they were calling out to. I have no issues with someone mispronouncing my name because, “Love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8).” Is not Jesus’ love even greater than my own? Tremendously so! So the next time you are praying in the name of Jesus pray in obedience and stand on His authority and promises. Don’t worry if you are not saying his name 100% correctly, He knows your heart and He knows that He is the one you are talking to.

Jay Moussa –

Watch this Young Turkish woman perform a beautiful song in her native tongue. Notice not only how she pronounces the Son of God’s name, but also how she proclaims who He is to her.