I have a message from the throne room of the Most High God, and the One who sits at His right hand, Jesus, the Lamb who was slain. This is what I saw and heard…

I watch as Jesus stands up from His throne. As He moves, His righteousness and glory flow like living light radiating from Him throughout all of this eternal realm. Jesus looks at me intently and says, “Tell them, My child. Tell them there is little time left until I come to restore all that is Mine and destroy all that is not. I have created all that is seen and all that is unseen. Regardless of what any human or spiritual being has decided in their heart and mind, I Am and I Am coming for all that is Mine. Nothing and no one will stand in My way. All shall see My glory and My power when I shall step once more into their physical realm. Does not My Word say that all that is not Mine will cower and cry out for the rocks to hide them while all who have My seal shall shout in joy? This day is coming soon. My patience has endured and now the end shall come. Have I not spoken from My prophets of old of this day? Yes, My day!”

I look up to my Father to see Him nod and smile. “The time has come,” Father says. “Its fullness has been accomplished. All that I have created and established shall now come into My Presence. All evil shall be destroyed.”

Jesus continues, “No other time in all of history has every nation, every country and every government stood in such opposition to Me. What is being declared at this moment against Israel is being declared not only from the highest seats of government aloud, but also behind closed doors. How foolish of them to think I cannot see! What has been spoken in the dark secret places will now be seen by all. They are only confirming what I have already spoken through my prophets as they pave the way for My arrival!”

“Now speak to My children, those who bear My seal and proclaim Me as their Lord and Savior. Speak to them, warn them! Come out, My children! Come out of all that is evil, all that dishonors Me! Flee from all that disgusts Me and even spits at Me! How can you take part of anything that I hate and that which hates Me? Remember, I will separate all those who think they are Mine. You choose today which side of Me you desire to stand. On my left or My right. You choose and then you continue to stand! Stand with Me, proclaim My Truth, proclaim who I am! Let not your heart be dismayed for the horrors and attacks you may face, for I Am with you. Is that not enough? Am I not enough for you to conquer all that stands against My Truth? Is not all I have prepared for you not sufficient so that you must add to? I have conquered all of Heaven and earth so that you may be with Me for all eternity in a paradise that you cannot even imagine. Make your choice. If you chose Me, then know I am enough. Learn to walk with Me moment by moment.

“To all those who refuse to follow Me, I have created you and I am calling you. You have heard My voice. For all that is from Me know that it is I who made them. Your lies and justifications and heresies crumble before Me as ashes. You can choose Me now and live, or die before Me for all eternity.”

Jesus sits back on His throne and looks at me. His eyes are intense. He says gently as love washes over me, “Tell them, child. Tell them, time is short. There is no time to waste.”