Jesus tells me, “Write this: My People, I have a question for you. Why do you insist on teaching lies? You know you are teaching against My Word to please others and satiate their desires. Have you not read how I have destroyed others for lesser sins? Israel was pronounced judgement for doing what you are now doing. And to top it off, you teach you will escape trials and tribulations? Have you not read, ‘Woe to you, for you make a proselyte twice as much a child of hell as yourselves?’ Judgment begins in My House, just as before. Do not think you can speak lies against Me and be saved by My grace at the same time!”

I feel Jesus’ anger as I write His words. I also sense great sadness from Him.

Jesus nods and says, “Child, My desire is for all to come to Me in spirit and in truth. I have taught clearly and I have loved righteousness. Why do those who claim to follow Me not imitate My way? The days must be shortened else no one will be saved from the lies proclaimed in My Name or from the attacks from My enemies. People must choose. We have designed them as such.”

Then I sense the mood of the Lord shift and Jesus laughs out loud with great joy. “Father and I have much in store for the righteous ones! No more evil will ever exist. Can you imagine?”

“No Lord,” I responded to Him. “I cannot even grasp the concept of having no evil. I have always loved the Scriptures that proclaim no evil will enter into Your Kingdom. That has always given me such great hope and joy.” Jesus continues, “No mind has conceived all that We have established for Our Children! This is why We are so clear on the line that must be drawn. I am calling out in this last hour to all who will answer. Time is short.”