“Would everyone renounce their sinful ways and follow Me! Have I not made a way and made it clear? Many have been faithful to Me and their voices are proclaiming My truth around the world. And yes, I have many prophets speaking My words as well. Those who are covered and filled with My Spirit are all in unity proclaiming the Words I give them. They are of one heart, Mine. They are of only one Spirit, Mine. They are ones who have set themselves apart from the world as they follow Me. Therefore, none will have any excuse.”

Jesus’ tone changes as His voice resonates through my body, “Especially those who claim to be Mine! Have they not heard? Have they not read? They are to love Me and love others! Their love is cold, their hearts as stone, their sins done in private disgust Me! No! They shall not enter My Eternal Kingdom unless they humble themselves and repent! There is no excuse that will stand before Me as I show all that they have done! Therefore repent! I charge all to repent and follow Me! Time is short, wash your sins away and become holy before Me! I have given My warning, I have declared My Truth. Now it is your choice. Follow Me.”

“Tell them child, tell them so they will hear your voice with the others. Do not fear recompense for I am separating the sheep from the goats so that My Scripture remains true. Let those who have an ear hear My voice calling their name. I desire all to be with Me for all eternity. Have I not declared sin will not be allowed in My gates? It is so!”

Jesus steps aside and shows me the glory of His eternal realm. The brilliance of light and the peace flowing towards me is ever so sweet. Nothing on earth compares, no words can describe the beauty and the joy that calls to my heart. Once again, I am drawn into eternity as I desire to leave this world behind forever. I drop the writings in my hands and start to walk into Heaven without Jesus. He stops me, “Child, it is not time for you yet. You have work to do.” Jesus kneels before me with tenderness in His eyes. “It will get tough, you will see destruction all around you, not only in the news, but on American soil. This is to happen. You must not stumble, you must stand. Encourage My children to let the world fall from their clutches, to let go of all they cherish that is not of Me. It will become dark, they will only endure if they stay with Me and cling to My Truths.” Jesus sighs, “Not that many have actually read My Word to know My truth. Tell them, tell them to stop being entertained by the enemy and the world and to find out My Truth for themselves, to read My Bible, My promises to them. To read of what I have done in the past and how I work. Tell them to memorize, to really know My Truth so that none of My enemies and those who hate me will lure them to hell as well. Tell them.”

Jesus stands up. “As one of many of My watchmen whom I have established around the world, you must speak My warnings else their blood will be on your hands. Time is short, I am ready to come for My own and stop the cruelty and cries of horror that come to My ears. It shall be finished and then it will be too late. Tell them, child.”

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