Jesus comes to me and says, “Tell them. Make this known. The separation of sheep and goats has been a continual process all these years. Have I not warned that each must go through the gate? I am the only way to the Father. There are no short cuts, no other gates or paths to come into My Kingdom.”

Jesus points to show me something. I see sheep coming in through a gate with their Master, Jesus, their Shepherd. I look up at the stone wall along the side of His pasture to see goats jumping up on the wall, walking on it and several jumping inside.

“The goats do not realize I not only see them, but I also will discipline them for such rebellion against Me and My Word. For these are ones who come in and hurt My children whom have taken My ways within them. These goats are destructive within and without My gates. They have a form of godliness, but deny My power and My truth. Those who are wise among My children recognize them and try to protect the others. Many times their efforts are futile for the goats are smart in achieving their goals and desires. They often do this by twisting My Word and My design for their gain. I spoke already of their demise and their end. It shall be done as I have said.

“Tell those who follow Me that they can identify who is Mine and who is not. In order to do so, they must get past their social fears to see with My eyes of truth. My Spirit reveals all things, but many are afraid of what I have to say.

“Time is running out. Every one of My children must be about My work. When I say, ‘My work,’ I mean what I have called each one to do. Why do My children try to do someone else’s job? I have gifted and am equipping each one as I need each to be. When My children refuse to do what I need them to do, not only is a job not getting accomplished, but they tend to hurt those around them. If only they would take their eyes off what they think they need to do and what they think others want them to do, and just focus on Me. Then they would do what I want them to do! They would also be more joyful, more at peace and My Kingdom would grow exponentially.”

Jesus stands up as His power and glory flows off of Him as oil. He voices is as thunder as He proclaims, “The first will be last and the last will be first.”

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