Recently, I had the following vision during prayer. The Lord showed me a tornado with debris flying around. He walked me safely through the edge of the tornado. The center of the tornado was a place of peace and I saw that it was green and lush with vegetation. Then I heard the Lord say, “Look at the next part of the tornado, it represents Chaos. Chaos will be soon be happening around the world and also in America. You must not be swayed by what you hear in the news. Most of it is censored to create a mass intellectual control system. You can even warn the Church of this, though many will not listen thinking they are above its impact.”

Jesus continues, “The cry of Jihad is spreading and gaining strength around the world. The spiritual hordes have already been released. They have begun to follow through on the plans that they have previously established. Not only are they accomplishing these plans, but they are also heading in a new direction. This new focus is actually intensifying the deep desires of man’s hatred within. Understand that this must be. The culmination of all things will be the final aspirations of man. They shall receive in full the fullness of their desires, along with the consequences of their choice. They want hatred? They shall receive it fully themselves. They desire mercy? They shall receive it fully from My hand for all eternity. So yes, the Scripture is true, let those who live by the sword also die by the sword.”

Jesus closes His hand in emphasis and walks back to His throne. I approach Father. He says, “Soon child, all of this darkness you are about to see around you will be as a faint memory. Tell My People to endure for the end is near.”