Jesus reminds me, “Count it all joy when you are reviled for My name’s sake. Take joy in the good and joy in the bad.”

I look down at my feet, they are bare. They have the appearance of being golden translucent. I wiggle my toes. I imagine sandals on, then a beautiful pair of sandals appear on my feel. They move with my feet, not solid like here on earth. I look up, Jesus is just smiling as He enjoys watching me explore.

“Anything and everything is waiting here for you, child. But, now is the time to work and to serve. Rest comes in the morning when the new day arrives.” He leads me to my desk as a gentleman would and then goes to sit on His throne beside Father.

“Write, My child.” Jesus looks down from His throne.

I look around the room. Men are sitting on chairs throughout the room talking. I sense they are the 24 elders. They are pleasant and in unity. They stand as one when they see an older woman being brought in chains before the Father. Two grotesque beings are besides the woman as they approach. The elders look up at Father and Jesus. I sense urgency from them, a loyalty crying out for her. The demons do not look up as one spoke, “We claim her as our own, O Mighty One.”

The woman begins to become younger as she stands bent over before Father with her hands tied behind her back. She is dimly brilliant, in contrast to the darkness of the beings holding her.

Father lifts His right hand slightly as the elders sit. I hear a melody of praise softly rise from them filling the throne room. Not as sound as we know it on earth, but a sweet aroma blended with music unfamiliar to me, yet very beautiful.

I look up to Jesus, “Write child. Write all you see. We are slowing your perspective for you to understand. This is important.”

I look back to the woman. Her eyes are closed, she does not look up. I sense she does not know she is in the throne room right now with us.

I look up at Father, He gives me a slight wink as if only I could see that moment from Him. Father leans forward. The demons look as if they are trying to shrink and hide from His presence. I sense they would run if they could, but they are obeying a command of one greater than they to stay and demand the ownership of the woman.

Father looks gently at the woman. In a loud thunderous voice that resonates as He speaks. “She is Mine! By what authority do you claim her?”

One of the demons dropped a piece of paper on the floor, as if too afraid to talk. Written on the paper in deep red letters, “I renounce my Lord Jesus.” At the bottom was a scribbled signature. The woman was weeping.

I see Father’s hand touch her chin and raise her head up ever so slightly. Then Jesus breathed upon her gently.

Father sits back up, “She is still alive, her decision is still in her hands.”

The dark ones tighten the chains as she screams loudly. She yells, “I cannot take any more of this. Just kill me!”

Jesus stands. “No!” The demons drop the chains as they shrink into small heaps on the floor.

Jesus says, “Give her a moment of peace, Father, just a moment. Answer the prayers of the saints crying out for her.”

The woman falls in a heap, her hands now released from the chains. She looks at her hands and then puts them to her face. “What have I done?” She whimpers gently. “What have I done?” I can see the blood stains all through her clothing. My heart sank as I understood the torture she had been under at the hands of others trying to make her renounce the One True God. The throne room is quiet. Jesus is still standing while the demons continue shaking near her, but not allowed to touch her. Father sits with His hand reached out just a bit above the arm of His throne.

The woman tries to stand, but is unable to. I see chains on her ankles, her ankles or feet obviously broken.

She speaks quietly, lying on her side with her hand on the ground before her. “Jesus, if You can hear me, if You even want me anymore, forgive me. I cannot bear anymore, but I believe You are the living God. Have mercy on me.” I could hardly hear the last words as I realized her lips had stopped moving and she was praying in her mind. As she did, her prayers came to the throne room with her voice.

Jesus reaches down to her, wrapping her within His robes and drawing her to Himself. “Mercy I give freely to you,” He whispers into her ear. She goes limp in His arms. In a moment, Jesus and the woman are gone. I sense He is receiving the woman unto Himself somewhere else in His realm.

I sit back. We must pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters. Jesus, strengthen and be near those being tormented for their faith. Draw them close to you.


“Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them,
and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.”

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“Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.
If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also.
If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.”

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