God speaks through His Spirit with those who abide in Him (John 14:15-27, Gal 5:25). What is interesting is if we are not led by God’s Spirit, we are not His children (Romans 8:14). As we seek to have a right relationship with God and abide in Him, we begin to commune with Him as a friend (John 10:27, Revelation 3:20).

Your relationship with the One who created and designed you (Psalm 139) will be unique as well as a journey. As we see in Scripture, God speaks to each of His children differently:
Moses – By voice and a burning bush (Exodus 3ff), and then later face to face as a friend (Exodus 33:11).
Joseph – Given interpretation for dreams (Genesis 40)
Zechariah – By voice, God’s presence, visions (Book of Zechariah) and with flashes of imagery (Zechariah 4)
David – Through the Prophet Nathan (II Samuel 7, II Samuel 12, I Chronicles 17) and inspiration of God’s Spirit (Psalms)
Balaam – Rebuked by God through the voice of his donkey (Numbers 22:21-30)
Isaiah – Through visions and God speaking to him. Isaiah also saw God and His throne room (Isaiah 6)
Daniel – Given interpretations for others’ dreams, revelation through Scriptures (Daniel 9:2), visitation from the angel Gabriel (Daniel 9:20)
Joseph (Mary’s husband) – Dreams (Matthew 1:20, 21; Matthew 2:19-23)
Mary – Visitation and discussion with the angel Michael (Luke 1:26-38)
Disciples – Audible voice (Matthew 3:17)
Paul – Led by the Spirit (Acts 16:6), visions (Acts 16:9, Acts 18:9), viewed the third heaven (II Corinthians 12:1-4)
Peter – Interactive vision with the Spirit of God (Acts 10:10-21)
John – Saw Jesus in His Glory (Revelation 1) and was brought into God’s throne room (Revelation 1:4ff)

Above is only a small sampling of how God has spoken to His people including a burning bush, visions, flashes of imagery, interpretations, led by the Spirit, audible voice, taken to heavenly realms, Scripture, through angels, even through animal’s speech! God can communicate any way He desires according to His wisdom. The possibilities are limitless with God. Do not be discouraged at the pace of your journey or if you are not hearing Him at all. Just like learning any new skill or course, start at the beginning and be patience as you learn to commune with God.

The best place to begin is with the Bible and let God reveal Himself to you through His written word. Then, as God leads, follow Him, always using His Scriptures as the foundation and the compass in your walk with Him. Humility is vital, one must always be willing to admit being wrong and have a willingness to be taught. Only Jesus has the full truth. Some things we learn along the way may not be God’s ultimate truth. We all must be willing to let go of pride and replace any lies or untruths with God’s truth when the times come, and they will.

Testing and Discernment

Warning, not all you hear, are impressed with or think is from God. Satan, as well as your own imagination, can influence your thoughts. We are called to be discerning, wise and not to be tossed to and fro by every wind of teaching or false truths. Always ask God to protect you from the enemy and your own imaginations. Be wise and use discernment, your soul is worth protecting!

Protect Yourself
Put on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-19).

I John 4 teaches us how to test the source of all that is presented to us.
Truth will proclaim Jesus came in the flesh from God. (I John 4:1-3)
Truth comes from God, not the world. Everything from God will be in complete unity with Scripture and with God’s nature. (I John 4:4-6) As a result truth will always be in unity with Scripture and God’s nature.
Truth will proclaim love. (I John 4:7-21) Jesus’ commandments to us are to love God and love one another. Anything that causes dissension or division within the body of Christ is not from God.

Other Tips For Discerning
Truth from God will bring a message of love, order and peace to build up the church. Chaos and fear are not from God. (See also Romans 16:17, I Corinthians 1:10, I Corinthians 12:25, Titus 3:10).
God’s truth edifies (Romans 14:19, I Corinthians 14:4 – 5, Ephesians 4:11-14) and sometimes convicts (James 1:4-12) the church.
Truth always brings glory to God.
Truth also covers in love. (I Corinthians 13)