Jesus calls me to His side. “Write child. The distance between My words and the proclamation of My being is a margin for little to no error. The standing of My presence within the being of My text is one and the same. None can destroy My Word, nor can they destroy Me for both are unending in the scope of your realm of understanding. The existence between the exemplifications of the issuance of My Words is the proof of the existence of My very nature and being. For this is how My Father has established all that is known of Me into your reality of existence. Since nature has taken upon the exemplification of who I am then there is no excuse for denying I exist and that I am the one who holds all things together for the glory of Father. All that is seen created by all that is unseen which is upheld by the existence of the one who died and rose again shall culminate into the perfection of reality to lay down at the Father’s feet when the time comes. None shall get in between all that I have begun for none can even come within My presence without cowering unless they know Me and are known by Me.”

“The darkness that overtakes a person is only granted power by the nature of the hope that resides within that person. When looking upon the self within the mirror of vanity or disdain, one can only see darkness and loss. This is the nature of eternity without My truth and hope. Disgust has another name, fear. But fear knows it cannot articulate itself as it truly is for many will recognize it and flee so it must disguise itself to be the form of a victim, one to be embraced and protected. Do you not see? All that is within the aspirations of the human heart can be produced in a form to embellish reality to its extent or final use. None of which can be transpired unto hope unless it is first recognized as the abusive form of the enemy’s toolbox first. The signature of the enemy is easy and plain to see, but many refuse to acknowledge it and even ascribe that which is of the enemy unto Me, which is even a greater demise for them. The events of the heart are plainly written upon the books of life and each will understand the significance without explanation, even though on earth they transcribe the atoning value as worthless. The identity of evil within the heart will be plain to see when My light shines upon them and emits through the pages of the Book of Life. Repent therefore for My presence is about to be seen as a deluge cracking through the sky for all to see. When others say this has been spoken of before as from the beginning, acknowledge that is true, for I have been warning all that the end is near and to repent and be ready to present yourself to the Most High God. Child, My time is coming, it is nearer than all think, even you. You shall see Me coming in the clouds of radiant light so bright all eyes shall fail them except those who also are filled with My Spirit. All of the prophecy written within My Word shall be fulfilled exactly as written with no lack of understanding at that moment. My justice at that moment shall be final and quick. There shall be no time of repentance or even acknowledgment that I Am who they have denied.