Jesus says to me as I am praying, “Child, you are zigzagging as if to find My right answer. Stop and come stand before Me.”

I stand before Jesus and look up at Him. His brilliance and glory are beyond description. His smile is filled with gentleness and His eyes – How can I describe His eyes? I have only one word, “Love.” How God can blend unlimited power and authority with compassion and mercy to the point that love flows from every radiance of His essence, I cannot wrap my mind around it. As I contemplate the complexities of His nature, my attention is drawn to the iridescent blues and golds radiating from His presence.

Jesus smiles and tells me, “Oh child, do not forget what I have already spoken to you. Remember My teaching and training. Remember I am your Teacher, as well as Your Lord and your Friend. Come, sit with Me.”

Jesus leads me to a bench surrounded by a meadow. It is lush green with countless shining flowers in all colors including colors I cannot articulate. The scents are beyond description as the air around us is light and clear. Everywhere I look is lit up with no shadows or darkness to be seen. I can even see every blade of grass without darkness to hide their lowest depths. It is so beautiful here. A slight breeze is blowing, although I sense it was not wind or what I understand as wind in the world’s realm.

“Child, continue to do what you are doing. Remember, you are more than what is at the moment. You affect others in even what you consider ordinary.”

Jesus asks me, “In all the expanse of eternity, where is the limit or boundary?”

I look around. I can see beyond the meadow in every direction. It is like different movies are playing in each direction. Somehow the movies are playing within each other, yet separate, in the horizons as far as I can see. There was harmony with all I see, yet there are none the same.

I stand up. Immediately, we are set in the universe somewhere as I look around at all the immensity and beauty of the galaxies.  I reach out my hand. I feel what seems like energy flowing through my arm into my palm. Jesus blows towards my hand. As He blows, the energy I feel becomes an item I have never seen before.

“Child, is there any limit or boundary in eternity?”

My limited mind and comprehension seem stuck at this moment. I am in a place of endless creative power. I set aside my own understanding so I can receive and accept what Jesus is showing me. I turn to Him and say, “How can there be any limits or boundaries with You, Jesus? You are eternal, no beginning, no end. All I know is that in our human minds I can say that You have limits. These limits would be You do not sin, there is no evil in You, Your ways are perfect so that You would, in human terms, be imperfect. But as I stand here with You Jesus, somehow those are not limits or boundaries. The only way I can explain it is that those things do not exist here, sin, pain, evil, pride, or anything bad or false. Somehow they are not even options or possibilities. So, therefore, no, in eternity, You have no boundaries, no limits.”

Jesus nods and responds, “This is why My people must be holy. That which is not surrendered to Me shall never enter into My presence. Even the demons call Me Lord, yet they do not surrender. They cower. They cannot stand before Me.”

I see flashes before me of dark beings before the throne as well as some coming and going freely. These images all transition into one another. Bright streaks of light appear as One of tremendous power and authority enter, standing in victory! He is the risen Lord! Then, immediately, all that is not of the Father’s flees and is no longer able to return.

“Soon, child, I will make all things new for all eternity.” I see Jesus with His robes filling the throne room. He reaches down and wraps His hand around the earth and the realms that are somehow intertwined with it. Then everything became pure in His hand.

“The seconds that are perceived within the confines of human experience will soon succumb,” Jesus says. Then I see His foot step down into our world. It is large and I cannot describe how His greatness within just His one foot can enter into our tiny earth in comparison. “I shall come. I shall deliver My people in finality, in the perspective of all. There shall be none without reason or excuse. For I Am.”

Suddenly I am back on the bench in the meadow with the Lord. “Question for you, My child. What matters? Does money, or value, or anything that you can hold or touch, or finances, or even the price of your home hold any importance in comparison to My glory, My Truth, or My ability to sustain or remove you? Does the fretting of this world have any constraint upon Me or My will?”

I answer, “No, my Lord. How can it? All that is in eternity, all that You are, is separate from all that will have its end in Your presence – not only when You come, but even now.”

“For you, for Mine elect, for My People who love Me, these things are as dust. Let go, child, help your loved ones to know they too must let go. I Am, and I Am the author of all. I Am the giver of anything good. Do not fear or trust or cling to that which you can see. Fear, trust, and cling to Me in all your ways.”