“Come sit with Me again, here.” I sit beside Him on the mountain ledge.

It is neat, Lord, to learn the meaning of “mountains” in Scripture. How the word “mountains” can often mean the intersection of Your realm and earth, Your power and authority as well as representing man’s empires. Right?

“Above all that man is and even above all they aspire to be.”

My feet dangle below me. I realize I do not have the fear of being up so high as I do in the world. I jump down and land couple inches below where my feet were hanging like I am standing on solid ground. I look and see nothing there. I look up at Jesus, He reaches for my hand. I grab it and let Him lead me back to sitting beside Him.

“There is a clear separation between the two realms. Only those I allow in and out can enter or leave. Don’t worry about how others will interpret your writing. These are My words, man has the ability to twist beauty into disgust.”

Jesus stands suddenly as I sense a vileness approach. It cowers before Jesus speaking a petition I cannot hear. Jesus’ hand draws me beside Him without touching me. I am sitting next to His radiant feet. Even His feet shine brightly with authority and power emanating from them. I reach out to touch His foot. The color of the light changes slightly as my hand approaches His foot as if my hand was entering liquid light. The enemy is a wolf/dragon form that snaps something I do not understand and leaves. Jesus looks down at me, “See, when you focus on Me, the enemy has no right over or for you.”

He bends down to reach for my hand to stand me up. Up until now, I have not comprehended how Jesus would touch me or what His skin was like. It is as if that aspect of our union or connection was withheld from my vision and understanding. I look now at His hand and then look up at His eyes to see if it is ok. Jesus nods. I look at my arm and hand which is now glowing with the same liquid light I perceived on Jesus. As I look at His hand holding mine, I see brilliance so bright I cannot distinguish lines or forms of any kind. I sense His hand that is holding mine is much larger, just like an adult holding a child’s hand. I also perceive His hand is magnificently larger than all the universe. All this makes no sense to my worldly brain, but here in His realm, I have the perfect understanding to which it is difficult to put into words.

Something enters the throne room before it. It looks like people in a comic horse costume coming before Jesus. He only moves His hand slightly and they are gone. I sense I understand no matter how man may try to appear in deceit before God, they are as obvious as a cartoonish character in their foolishness. Jesus has no time for them and brushes them aside. “Many are the wiles of the foolish and unperceiving. They deny My very existence while at the same time try to overcome My truth with their empty justifications. They do not understand the deadly game they are playing within themselves. They attack My children because of Me and what I either represent within My children or am doing in the lives of the unbeliever. They cannot get to Me directly so they attack those who I am within. Yet, as each of My children falls or comes home to Me, another person will always appear before them as conviction or condemnation as they choose. They rightly see the truth yet cannot comprehend My existence for their good, but see Me as their demise.”