Jesus takes me to a magnificent meadow in eternity that seems to have no end. We sit quietly watching the animals and butterflies. I think about what I am seeing. It does not surprise me that deer, rabbits and other animals are here, but butterflies? They are insects. Jesus points to a grasshopper, “Isn’t it a magnificent creation? It’s uniqueness and creativity in design has always pointed to Us as its Creator. Father and I enjoyed creating all that you have seen, and not seen. knowing people would learn of Us through creation.”

He leans over and gently picks up a massive hairy, although colorful, spider. Not one of my favorites, Lord. Jesus chuckles, “I know, which is why I want to show you. Look at him closely. Take off your human ideologies and preconceptions. Look within My realm at this spider.”

Jesus smiles and holds up the spider. It is massive as it looks back at me. “Have you thought about how this small creature with six or more eyes with its small brain, can interpret everything around him? Not only that, but also receive all the information from all the hairs on its body and legs and respond accordingly? How can the legs move without tripping in almost all directions? And even jump.” Jesus laughs, I think He must have sensed my apprehension at that thought. “He is a testimony to Our greatness and so many deny it.”

I marvel as I look closer at the spider realizing in this realm his nature would be of unity with God and His children. Although his main color is black, he reflects many different colors as he moved. He is actually quite beautiful as I move past my natural dislike for spiders. His eyes follow me as I look him over. I sense a gentleness, so I bravely lift up my hand. I look up at Jesus to make sure it is okay. He smiles and nods. The spider is bigger than my hand so I put up both my hands. He gently walks on my extended hands. He actually tickles as he walks. I sense from him a reflection of Jesus’ essence.

“Remember child, this is My realm, where no shadow falls because of My glory. Would not My essence be in each of My children, My animals as well as all the angelic beings?”

Yes, that would be true. He truly is remarkable, Lord. I lower my hands down as the spider jumps to the ground.

“Child, I have prepared everything for My children as I have promised. Endless areas to explore, everything in perfect unity and harmony as I and the Father have designed.” Jesus put something into my hand, a gem that radiates as does everything here.

“This, is My truth. Even in the darkness of sin and hatred, My Word as written in the Bible is light. Every word spoken is light and power in the darkness which the world hates. You ask how to walk in your daily life. Soak up, digest, memorize My Word. Then put all your hope, trust and faith in My Truth for it shall sustain and guide you in ways you do not understand.”

I look down at the gem and close my hand. As I do, His realm fades away into this world’s reality. I look down at my hand, it radiates light. I look to see the gem in this world. The words, “I am the way, the truth and the life,” are written in light on my palm.