“The shepherds are to tend to My sheep, My children as if they were their own; in tenderness and in truth. Training and rebuke are required to maintain their safety and maturity. Each shepherd will be accountable, not for the numbers or money or increase, but for their representation of who I Am and My work through them. Child, did I have a mega church? No, I poured into a few and spoke My Truth to the masses. But the masses could not, nor did they want to, change their lives for Me. They wanted Me to change Myself and give to them so they could continue in their ways.”

“Why is it the divorce rate, the suicide rate, the porn and alcohol rate is the same in the church as well as outside? I keep calling, healing, feeding, revealing Myself to those who call upon My name, but are they changing? Are they growing in holiness? Are they surrendering to My Kingdom and authority? Many times, no. But I keep searching for My remnant who will continue to follow Me in all their ways. Those who will forsake sin and the ways of the world for Me.”

Jesus sits down on His throne. “Many are called, few are chosen; especially in America where it is all about the dollar, the prestige, and the entertainment. So few of them can handle an offense or even a verbal attack that they are Mine. I am faithful, even when they are not. But My delight is in the one who loves and follows Me.” He leans forward. “They are numbered, they are sealed, they shall experience My Kingdom in their lives. They must not desire that which others appear to have. Remember, all is vanity, except Me.”