Jesus brings me into eternity and says, “Child, all that you see…” I look out and realize I can see quite far, not like the world that curves on the surface of the globe. Eternity flows out in every direction including upwards. I know that eternity continues in every direction, including below us even though I can not seen it. “I am bringing into completion soon. You have asked many questions about the fulfillment of this age.” He smiles. “You shall see it unfold before your eyes. Get My people ready, for many are not. Many are gorging themselves upon the world’s delights that will sour their souls. The sin of man is now coming to completion. The enemy has his cards stacked and ready to reveal himself too. Do not be deceived even when others are. Do not follow the crowd.”

Jesus puts His hand on my shoulder, “Remember, I am with you. He must reveal himself first and then gather his troops with a motion of his hand.” Jesus flicks His hand. “Know that all who follow him are heading to destruction. Do you not understand, he will be leading everyone into the pits of hell because he knows I am coming for My faithful ones.” The verses about the angels gathering the chaff to throw into the fire comes to mind (Matthew 3:12, Luke 3: 17).

“Child,” Jesus turns me to look up at Him. “Child, you cannot follow them, you cannot look upon their destruction. You must keep your eyes on Me.” Jesus stands up until He is extremely tall. He stretches with arms spread out wide. “It’s about time.” Jesus walks off. I stand amazed at His beauty, majesty and power.