How can one describe in human words and understanding the magnificence and grandeur of the Living God? How can one possibly put into the confines of human language that which man cannot even fathom without the gracious spirit of Jesus? What I have seen and experienced firsthand may seem as mystical craziness by the critic and blaspheme by the Christian. Yet what can I do? I stand here after many years of communion with the Living God, the Great I Am, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and with His Son, Jesus, the Christ. I’m wondering how to even begin to articulate a fraction of what has been revealed to me in a coherent matter to people who are too busy to even care. And to those who do care or who are seeking the ultimate truth of reality, how can I put into their linear thinking that which is outside our time and mathematical configurations.

I am the least of the least, sinner of sinners, the one tossed aside by many including myself. And yet, a man, God Himself, revealed a love beyond comprehension for me. In the depth of my deepest heartache, Jesus appeared to me telling me He loved me. Who is this Jesus? I did not know at the time, but have been on a lifelong search ever since trying to discover who is this Jesus whom countless attempts have tried to silence, kill, and destroy any evidence of. Why had such hatred flowed within my own thoughts of One who loved all of mankind so much that he allowed himself to be tortured and put on a cross not only by them, but for them? As the woman in the gospels wept at His feet, I too have come to love Jesus greatly for what he has done for me and for who He is.

As a nobody, chosen and blessed by God, I stand here to tell the world, God is real. Not only is He real, He is intrinsically involved in your life as well as the lives of everyone around you. There is nothing done in the dark that He, and all of His realm does not see. Nothing is hidden, all is exposed. He is aware of every thought you have experienced. And yes, His Word, the Bible, is Truth. Every word, every thing that you may not want to hear or accept or desire with your whole heart to deny, every word in the Bible is Truth. And nothing you can do or say will change one little dot of any word written in that book. Nothing can stop the advancement of His Kingdom, which will soon culminate into fulfillment. I stand to declare, I have been in what many call, “Heaven”. I have stood in His throne room to hear His judgment upon those who have denied Him. I have been surrounded completely without and within by His consuming love and compassion. I have been empowered to do that which is impossible. I have seen unknown parts of the universe and have been shown mysteries that man has contemplated from the beginning of time. For it is true, those who seek Him with their whole heart find Him. You will not find the god that you have created within your own understanding, that god is nonexistent and worthless. Open your heart and mind to the awesomeness and the greatness of the One True God to find that He is EXACTLY who He says He is in His Scripture. Whoever believes in the name of Jesus shall be saved. You can become a new creation with Him, where the old and painful in your life passes away.

Jesus. He is the greatest treasure any person could ever possess. And yes, He is worth dying for. The great thing is, He is also worth living for!

Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess, “Jesus is Lord!” I have seen it, and someday, so will you.