Jesus explains, “Many see Me as they would a human with ultimate power. As they do they create within their idea of who I am with their own ambitions, desires, or even of their fears. I am created in the minds of people after their image. Because of this many have  a sense of dread or angst of submitting to the god of their imaginations. They are right to do so. A god of the imaginations of man will always be limited, untrustworthy and only that, a figment of their imagination. ”

“The reality of who I Am is beyond the understanding, comprehension or even imaginations of humans. As such, most fear what they do not know or understand, especially if it contradicts what they desire to be true.  But those who choose to trust Me, to believe My words and My teachings as I intended, to the best of their understanding at the time, I give them the right to become My child. My children are granted access to My Spirit and also entrusted with My Father’s truth and love which is beyond their understanding. As people read My words, My Bible, they have a moment that will impact the rest of their lives and the lives of everyone they have influence upon. Either they will embrace My words, submit their hopes, dreams and authority to Me, or they will continue to be held within the clutches and lies of the enemy, Satan. That moment is in their power, it is their choice to allow My truths to bring healing, love and yes, My boundless power, into their very being for their full benefit. ”

Jeremiah 7:8-11
John 15:1-11