The Father of Glory comes to me during prayer and says, “Proclaim to My church, to My people, to My children:
Are you not Mine? Yet you are asleep. Awake! Arise! Stand up from among the dead. Rise up above the fear and proclaim to all those around you I Am the Great I Am, the One who loves and forgives all sins and brings life to the dead and hope to the hopeless. Rise up! Sing aloud, do not hold back. Do not conform to the standards of the world. Church, rise up! Proclaim My Word! Do not allow the enemy to steal the power and authority I have given to you! Do not allow the lies of the enemy to lure you into sullen disbelief and dismay. Rise up! Stand upon who I say I Am and not what the world deems acceptable in their sight. Rise up and Stand knowing you are My child who I love and desire to be close to My side. Fight for Me. Fight for My Truth.”

Father emphatically places a large glowing Bible on a wood table. The sound as the Bible hits the table resonates all around me. “There is so much more in My Word than the few highlights you know. Come, eat at My table of the only substantial food that satisfies and empowers. Come, read. You shrivel up because you eat and partake of all that is empty from the world. Come. For if you are Mine, you will desire that which is from Me. Otherwise, you will have no part of what I would have for you. Come.”

Father opens the Bible as brilliant treasures flow from the pages into the room. I see the treasures float through the air and land only upon people who were eagerly and joyfully reaching out for them.