“Each person will stand before Me accountable for their words, their actions, as well as their inner thoughts. I have declared who I Am throughout creation, from the stars in the heavens to My imprint within the inner workings of each cell. I have been proclaimed to the nations through My Word and the testimony of My Name. None shall have excuse because all know who I Am for each have been created by Me. The spirit and soul within each man know who I Am and choose to rebel against Me or they choose to follow.”

“Rebellion begins within the heart and mind of every person. As it was from the beginning it will be to the end, each person chooses to believe My Truth or the enemy’s lies. Choose now, for the time is coming when all will stand before Me to give accounting. The accuser stands ready to take with him all who have chosen to follow him. They shall have the same execution of judgment as he, eternally separated from My presence with no hope of return. Tell them child. Tell them to remain faithful to My name no matter what the enemy throws at them. And tell the rest the time to repent and turn to Me is now while My mercy and compassion can still be found by them. Time is short.”