I see Jesus and I dancing the waltz with grapes under our bare feet. His robes are being stained from the grapes and mine is not.

“Do you understand what I am showing you?” He asks as He twirls me. I am radiant in His hands as I keep my eyes on Him. No. I want Your truth in interpretation.

The grapes and the liquid are up to His shins as I stand on top of the grapes next to Him.

“This,” He points to the grapes that are all around us as far as I can see, “This is the wine press I have spoken of for many generations.” He immediately becomes larger than all the universe to where His one foot stomps out all of the grapes around us leaving me standing on brilliant white light. He returns to me in normal size, pure and clean. “Sin, all of its desires and pleasures of the world, makes one drunk in the spirit of the antichrist, all that stands against Me. One cannot dabble in the realms of evil without becoming stained before Me. And yet, all who call upon Me shall be forgiven and washed clean when they humble themselves to My way.”

He takes me to Ezekiel with the priests and elders before him. “Do you see?” Jesus asks me. I look. Jesus, Your truth and Your truth alone. The priest’s and elder’s hearts were dark with the stains flowing from their hearts down their fronts speckling their clothing and skin.

“No one can hide their sin and their idolatry from Me. But those, those who are pure, they are easy to spot, not just by Me, but by My hosts in heaven.” I look closer at Ezekiel. He was brilliantly white even though his skin was dirty from the world. He had tears flowing from his eyes and heart as if one and the same.  Jesus says, “What he spoke and what he did burned within him as agony for he understood My words and My requests. His faithfulness, love and devotion to Me has been greatly rewarded in My eternal realm.”

He continues, “All can see the tragedies and the horrors of man and his evil intent.” Jesus looks up at the Father, “And none are able to deny what they have done in Our presence. There is coming soon the cleansing of Heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen. All shall be accomplished to its fullness and the foolishness of man has been fulfilled to its fullness as well. Do not be afraid, child, of what you will be about to see.”

I see rising from the endless field of smashed grapes and liquid, armies of men and demons all with a singular direction toward Jerusalem. They are coming from every side except the bottom left from where I am standing. That is where a section of light shines brightly.

Jesus says, “It may seem at that moment like no hope, but remember the corner of light and watch as I lead My army to the destruction of all that is evil. The advancement is taking time in your sense, but the culmination shall end quickly. I Am who I say I Am and who I Am.”

Jesus stomps one foot on the land and one on the sea, both resonating sound throughout all I am aware of. Jesus looks at me, waves a hand before my eyes. Jesus stomps again, one foot at a time. This time I see grapes and liquid splashing as He does. Within me I feel the dread of the people at the realization as they understand the trap they have been led into by the evil ones.

My spirit then explodes in hope and joy as all those who are eternally His answer His call. I see all those from the Heavenly realms of His and those from under His altar and throne room and from every existence answer first  as they surround Him. All of Scriptures are flowing into this scene before me including the trumps, the cry of war soaring through the air as an eagle. All of eternity gathers in every layer of the realms as they enter that moment by Jerusalem. All is changed quickly as if wrapped upon itself into a new existence of all that I have ever seen in these visions with the universe; not within it as before, but of it.

In a ‘twinkling of an eye’ all is accomplish on every level in every realm.

I hear Jesus say, “It is finished.”