Jesus open His hands on a table as items like index cards stretch out before me. They are perfectly lined up. “Pick one.”

There are about 30 cards with words on them that I cannot read.

Jesus explains, “Each represents an option laying before you in the way you can go. Some are not good for you, many are good, but few are blessed by My hand. How do you pick?”

I answer, “Lord remove all that are not from you.”

“Are you sure, some will hurt as I remove them for they are attached to former events and people in your life. Others are tied to beliefs you have.” Jesus looks at me with seriousness in His eyes. He continues, “When I remove items from people when they request My help, many repel from Me and from the plan I have for them. They hold them more dearly than they trust Me.”

Jesus sits down with sadness in His eyes.

“Many whom I love, cry out to me for My help and My wisdom, but they put their wisdom and limited understanding above Mine. If I work, they run, if I don’t work, they still run. My people are not discipled in My Truth as I have written in the Scriptures, else they would understand.”