Jesus tells me, “Write this down. Some take My truths as if to be handled as a currency of different values.” I see multiple coins and bills from many different countries. Jesus continues, “They believe My truths can be taught as figures of men. They do not seem to understand My truths supersede and extend beyond their biased understandings and logic. Look as the verse Paul writes about not allowing women to be leaders over men. If they would comprehend the voice within them saying how man dominates women to the extent of piracy or dominance, they would understand that women were uneducated then and unable to teach. But yes, who spoke of My coming to the multitude before I arrived? Many women, not just the Samaritan, but Anna, as well and my beloved Mary. You should have heard her shout as she ran from the tomb,” He laughs. “She was as mighty a warrior than any. None could stand in her way for her faith in who I am. She told many men who I am, even after I ascended, and none could keep her silent. Many others also testified of who I am, not just men, but women also. Teaching comes from wisdom and from My Scriptures which were not readily available to the women at and before the turn of the century. Men have tried to quiet the testimony of women throughout the ages, yet they still rang, and even do today. How can the sound of the bells in the cathedral tower be silenced when the bellman is My Spirit? The ones who cover the voices of women, and even young men, shall be accosted before My presence.”

“For does it matter from the mouth of which My truth comes from? Did I not proclaim My Words shall come from the mouths of babes? From the innocent? From the unlikely? From the little ones? Surely My Words and My truths shall fill the temple’s very atmosphere in the voices of the women I have filled with My Spirit. Keep writing. There is none before Me who can claim to know My truths without Me. None. All who say to proclaim My Word and the hope I have placed within them must first acknowledge I Am He who saves and I Am He who saves ALL who endure to the end. I shall protect who calls upon My Name for the sake to bring Me and My Father glory and honor. Those who deny Me that honor and take it upon themselves for their own benefit before God, others, and the mirror are deceiving themselves and the truth is not in them.”

“Speaking My Word is for all, freely I give and freely it should be given. Freely it should be received regardless of through whom I choose to give it. Some may say they cannot discern if what is spoken is from Me or the enemy. To them, I am ashamed for they then do not know My Written Word. Even in the simplest of translations or transliterations is the truth of Who I Am as well as My nature. But when one denies a portion of the text or an aspect of My nature, then yes, they will have issues discerning who is from Me and who is against Me.”