Jesus says, “Write for My children: Much of what you are about to see and do and even learn is not going to make any sense to others and sometimes even you. Remember how I have worked in the past, in your life as well as in others. My ways are higher than your ways, but I can only work within the realm of limitations you have placed upon Me. Do not have boundaries or limitations for My work and being within your realm of life. Know that all things are possible with Me. Learn to expect the impossible and even the inconceivable. Remember Father and I created everything you see and do not see from the heights of the furthest star to the depths of the core of the earth. Nothing is beyond our work and influence even in the darkest dungeons or the depths of hell.”

“Other’s actions are not your responsibility. Other’s words should have no impact upon you and your life, only My own. Does it matter if another human confirms you or believes as you do, no? I Am and I Am everything you need or should even desire.”

“Walk in My truth children, not the world’s, not your own, not in other’s, but Mine and Mine alone. Know that all things will be revealed soon enough.”

“Do unto others as you would have done unto you. When others revile you, what would have worked for you when you did the same in the past? Being angry back would have fed your injustice perception. But those who showed love back to you emptied your vengeance and made you begin to contemplate the truth. Do the same.”