Jesus says, “Trust Me in this – I give time allotted, as well as culmination of My purpose, within each person. Mercy is shown in many ways, most of which humans refuse to comprehend. My ways are not your ways. When you sit with Me, as a child eager for understanding and training, I can show you My perspective which is beyond the perspective of your own viewpoint. But, the choice for you remains: When you leave My presence to walk in the world, will you continue to carry with you My Truth, or return to yours?”

“Many come to Me for guidance, understanding, answers to their questions, and prayer requests, only to walk away denying what I have given them. Is not My Word filled with examples of this? Therefore, I recognize the truth within one’s heart and mind and soul. Mine elect are not the “chosen ones” as many teach. No, they are My disciples. They are the ones who truly follow Me with all their heart, all their mind and all their soul. Because they do, they will not fall for any imposter, any lie or deceit, they are the ones who lay down their lives for Me. And I promise you and all who will hear My voice, they shall receive…” I see multiple colorful, radiant layers filled with images of substance and light piled high on top of each other “… abundantly more than anyone can imagine.”

Jesus moves His hand before us. I see for lack of a better word, a Kingdom. It is clean, pure, and full of light. Joy is radiating from the people and the animals as many look up at us. A rabbit comes joyfully to the two of us, “Even the innocent, the little ones who experienced tragedy in life, are rejoicing. For they know now that they had to go through the earth’s realm to be brought here. Do you not understand My child? All of this means very little without all of the experiences of…” I see a dark world, like a evil shadow moving through time. “All of earth groans for My Kingdom and one day…” Jesus looks at me with eager anticipation in His eyes. My heart leaps with understanding that even Jesus is excited as He desires the fullness of His Kingdom and to share the fulfillment of His promises! “That day, you will behold with your very eyes, if you stay here with Me.”