When Jesus Works in Our Lives

Jesus open His hands on a table as items like index cards stretch out before me. They are perfectly lined up. “Pick one.”

There are about 30 cards with words on them that I cannot read.

Jesus explains, “Each represents an option laying before you in the way you can go. Some are not good for you, many are good, but few are blessed by My hand. How do you pick?”

I answer, “Lord remove all that are not from you.”

“Are you sure, some will hurt as I remove them for they are attached to former events and people in your life. Others are tied to beliefs you have.” Jesus looks at me with seriousness in His eyes. He continues, “When I remove items […]

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Going Beyond Our Doubts and Questions – Part 2

Learning God’s truth in the midst of lies the world demands us to believe takes us on a journey that many times is filled with pain and uncertainty.

Jesus shares, “My truth is higher than any experience or lie or pain. Along with My truth comes My love, My joy, My hope as well as My peace. In order to receive what I have to give you, you must lay down your life, including your own expectations and understandings. In exchange, you will receive from My hand more than you can imagine.”

“As you walk with Me in My truth, rejoice in My work in and through you, even when there appears to be emptiness. The sun shines whether you see it or […]

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Going Beyond Our Doubts and Questions

During prayer I ask Jesus how to help people in their walk with Him. His answer may surprise you, or maybe just confirm where you are at.

Jesus says, “My people are filled with doubts and questions. Many don’t know how to find the answers or where to go. It is hard to see past one’s own theology and doctrine. In the pursuit of truth, one has to:

  • Trust My Word, the Bible, as truth
  • Trust My Spirit for Interpretation
  • Study and seek – to put forth effort
  • Question themselves and others
  • Be OK if they are wrong and then receive My truth”

I see a person standing before Jesus with ashes in his closed fist. He is looking up at Jesus with […]

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