I see myself as a little girl opening a large heavy wooden door. It is opening easily for me. Pure light fills the other side of the threshold.

I take a step in. I am filled with wonder and joy as I touch the air which feels like fabric of intense peace. Light slowly flows up my arm to spread to my head and to the rest of my body in completeness. I am standing brightly within His light. I relax and laugh as a squeal of delight flows from my spirit. I still sense the pain and aches in my physical body, but I choose to turn my focus again to the spiritual realm and trust Jesus. I take His hand and walk with Him.

“How do you want to know Me?” Jesus asks me. There is a light in His eyes, that glint of playfulness. “I can be refrained from the fullness of who I am to meet you where you are.”

Jesus then squeezes my hand as everything explodes around, as well as within me, like a large bomb. I am and yet I am not. Lord, bring me back to You.

“You are within Me and within My realm. You are within all I am.” His voice thunders as He speaks while everything becomes blindingly bright.

“My fullness is beyond comprehension for you or any other human mind. I encompass everything and beyond all you know as reality or truth.” The light fades to the point where I can see Jesus as He can reveal Himself to me.

“One cannot comprehend the completeness of My nature, nor My Father’s, except by the measure of their faith of My truth.” Jesus walks around me as if eternity and time are swirling around us, and yet still somehow stationary.

“I am all that is good, right, holy, pure, majestic, power, authority, righteousness and love.”

I reach for Jesus, You alone are my salvation and my shield, my fortress and my tower. You alone are my protector. I fall into His presence. His essence smells of the finest, purest scents; one of which must be myrrh and another frankincense. You, I want to know You. I don’t want the Jesus people make up, twist or contort. I want who You are, none other. I also need Your help in teaching others about You. Peace washes over me as I speak to Him.

“I am light, I am hope, I am… yours. And you are Mine. What else do you need? Everything I am, you are, My little one.”

Jesus shows me a statue of a man. I am unsure of who.

“Come, stand. ” I come closer.

Jesus touches the statue and it trembles. I watch as the statue falls apart.

“The stability of a man is either his demise or his perfection.” I see the statue come together and bow before Jesus. Jesus touches the statue and he becomes a man of power and authority. I sense wisdom around him as he walks off with a sense of purpose.

“Purpose and drive will either bring ruin within one’s life and those around him. Or it will steady and strengthen him. Lack of purpose will bring rot and ruin. Same for you, My child.” He picks up my hands and cups them in His. “Don’t forget your purpose and your vision. Stand, speak, even if no one responds or answers. My prophets speak My truth the way I tell them in the sense of My understanding to the people, not the other way around. Remember, When I speak, such as in parables, the people who truly desire Me will attend to My word and My spirit for understanding. Those who choose their own understanding will be blinded and without wisdom. They choose the lie, that is all they hear.”

“You can have one thousand before you, but only one soul attentive, or you can have 20 before you with only one soul attentive. What is important child?”

The one soul.

“Yes, that one soul is the treasure and the goal. I will reveal who that is sometimes and other times, you will never know. Have faith to walk and speak as I tell you, and to be silent when I say to be.”