I sense a number of the crowd. 144000. I write it down. I suddenly have a clear understanding of 144,000. The number is a collaborative completion, not a physical count.

The heavens are filled with shouts of praise unto Jesus and Father. They have a joyous eagerness awaiting an event.

I see a large dragon being dragged into the courtroom. He is massive, many horns, fangs, heads, and wings. I can’t even tell what is one part separated from another.

Jesus tells me, “Write this down.”

“The accuser and deceiver of the nations has been brought forth before the Lord God Almighty!” A loud booming voice declares.

Hatred, anger and disgust emits from the dragon. As it does, its putrefying odor or substance fades as if God’s realm cannot be tainted or touched by it. The dragon is bound.

Jesus stands and turns before the Father with His foot upon the dragon.

“The evil one who has rebelled against You from the beginning has attacked Your Kingdom long enough. I have overthrown Him. My People You have given Me have conquered Him with the authority You have given to Me as I give them. My petition stands that justice be served for the sake of our beloved ones who are finishing the rolling up of the scroll. ”

Father’s voice is booming and echoing in the chamber, “Let it be done.” Father stands up, His feet as polished brass, strong and enormous. “You, dragon, filled with the blood of My saints, My beloved children, you shall be sentenced to the eternal fire, never to be quenched with your  essence. You shall bear the retribution of all the souls who have cried unto Me from the pits of hell to the martyrs within My gates.” Father turns to sit down and waves the dragon away. The chains break but the dragon is powerless, unable to move as He is cast into a dark fire. I see dark beings being dragged with the dragon to the pit.

Jesus looks to me, “It is not done, but it soon shall be.”