Father, what can You tell me about the Corona virus that we are all facing?

“This virus has been allotted for this time, this hour and this season to display who I Am. I am sifting My wheat. Many of those who claim to be Mine refuse to understand I am justice and righteousness. My wrath is filled as well with My glory so that My Name shall be resounded throughout the earth. I have had enough of the cruelty to My children and to My creation. My judgment stands as follows:”

The one to who has been given much, much shall be required. The one who has stolen shall have take from them even what they do not have. The one who has spoken evil in the dark, its mysteries shall be pronounced upon the housetops. The one who has done sexual immorality shall pay even more, even with their own life. None who sins in My name shall bear My seal of protection, they shall surely die within their wanton desires. I Am who I Am and there is none beside Me, including none of your idols, your “holy” desires that fill My Name with disgust. Repent now, for the time is near where each of you shall stand upon your own words and deeds. Many will be empty and nakedly exposed for all to see.

“Tell them child.”

Isaiah 55:6-13
1 John 1:9-10
John 14:6-7